Inspiration to harness the fire of Aries season

We’re leaping horns first into Aries season with the release of the Aries Sign Gloss, our fourth shade in Your Zodiac Collection. Get ready with a bold makeup routine that compliments a season that is sure to ignite a fire and inspire action.

Aries: The Sign

April showers us with new opportunities to start fresh and turn ideas into action – and Aries season is coming in by storm to help make it all happen! March 21 through April 19 is the time to take all of the reflection and creative exploration discovered over Aquarius and Pisces season and start to carry out shockingly bold moves.

The symbol of the ram and fire element signifies the unstoppable force of Aries and their strong trailblazer attributes. Aries have a reputation of bravely taking risks when jumping into new situations with ease.

The best way to manifest an Aries-like attitude is to practice making unapologetic, daring new decisions– so start with this red-hot, statement-making makeup routine!

Aries Inspired Makeup Routine

Do it like an Aries – and harness the energy of the season with this groundbreaker routine and fiery cosmetic shades:

Step 1: Fierce Face

After applying your shade of MakeSense® Foundation, break out your Contour & Highlight Duo – apply fearlessly, then blend. If you need some tips on how to contour, we’ve broken down a step-by-step guide for flawless technique.

Pro Tip: An Aries would add some extra flare, so apply a stronger pigment of BlushSense® than you would normally use.

Step 2: Go Get ‘Em Eyes

Rule #1 – just go for it! There is no right or wrong here, put as little or as much Bronzed Blush and Phoenix Shimmer ShadowSense® wherever you want that pop of color. Then line your eyes with Rose Gold Shimmer EyeSense® for an eye look filled with passion.

Step 3: Lively Lips

For that final touch of intensity, glide on Aries Sign Gloss – the perfect bright pink-red tint for a lively lip look everyone is sure to notice.

Tips for Aries Season

Put Aries in the driver’s seat

Remember the dream board you made from Pisces season? What actions have you taken to move towards making that dream come to fruition? For each picture you cut out, don’t think just decide on one action item that will push your deepest desires out of the dream phase and into a reality.

Give it to ‘em straight

This is a great time to work on confident communication. There is nothing wrong with expressing your needs and wants in a direct, straightforward manner – just make sure the aggressiveness of the ram doesn’t sneak out!

Loud and proud

Go overboard with your positive affirmations this season to nurture uninhibited confidence within yourself. Write it BIG on your mirrors! Practice powerful body language in the mirror as you recite them or sing your favorite empowering song loudly and unapologetically.

Show off that Aries confidence with your new makeup look! Share it with us #mysenelook for a chance to be featured on our social media page.

Want more about the zodiac signs? Each month, check in with us to catch the newest Your Zodiac Sign Gloss Collection and read all about what each season brings! Don’t forget to save 10% off your purchase when you become a Kiss & Tell Preferred Customer.

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