An interview with the crowned queen herself!

We caught up with the 2021 reigning Miss USA titleholder Elle Smith to chat about the amazing year she has had and discovered more about what makes her so beautiful, inside and out!

As the official 2021 cosmetic sponsor of Miss USA, our shared mission to empower women has only blossomed since we partnered together. Working together has led to the release of shades that give back with our Miss USA LipSense and Gloss Duo.

Elle Smith has amplified that same message in every area of her life. Smith tells all about her views and dedication to supporting women around the globe, cosmetic tips and favorites, her personal journey to pageantry and what her plans are for the future.

Q & A with Elle Smith

Elle and SeneGence

Can you tell us about your makeup and skincare routine?

“It changes all the time because I love switching it up and trying new products. On a regular day, I use mascara, blush, and a little bit of concealer. Regarding skincare, moisturization is key. You also want to give your skin a break. As Miss USA, I am traveling non-stop and attending events 24/7. These things take a toll on my skin, but a gallon of water a day, taking my makeup off at night, and moisturizing is necessary.”

What is your favorite makeup look?

“My go-to look is a natural face. I prefer bronze and neutral colors. I like when my makeup highlights my features and brings out my natural beauty.”

If you had to pick one, what would your all-time favorite SeneGence product be and why?

“SeneGence® Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer! I have always loved a natural makeup look, and sometimes foundation is too much for me. The tinted moisturizer corrects subtle imperfections on my face and gives me a natural glow.”

We have to ask, what is your favorite LipSense® shade and why?

“I love the Melted Sugar LipSense shade—I love neutral, natural colors that compliment my skin tone and that is one I could wear every day.”

What do you love most about SeneGence products?

“The longevity. My schedule is non-stop right now and SeneGence makeup products last me all day. They are waterproof, sweatproof and budge proof!”

Giving Back

What does empowerment, beauty, and confidence mean to you?

“Every word comes in different forms. I feel empowered by surrounding myself with women who make me want to be better, who challenge me. I feel the most beautiful when I feel the best on the inside. To me, beauty comes from within. Some of the most beautiful people in my life are beautiful to me because of their spirit and how they treat others and live life. Confidence to me is about knowing your worth. What are you bringing to the table? Who are you as a person? There is only one you. Embrace that and believe in yourself and your abilities.”

Can you share your thoughts about the Miss USA LipSense duo and partnering with Smile Train and Best Buddies?

Smile Train and Best Buddies are organizations that are close to my heart. Their missions are impactful, world-changing, and incredible and what makes it even better is the people running these non-profits are equally amazing. I have worked with Best Buddies and Smile Train closely this year and each time I am in awe. It makes my heart happy that you all are partnering!”

Elle and Miss USA

Can you tell us a little bit about where you grew up and your background?

“I grew up in Springfield, Ohio. It is a smaller city an hour and a half north of Cincinnati. Growing up there, I didn’t realize how amazing Springfield is and what it offered. It was a safe, family-friendly town that offered everything I needed to be successful in life. I graduated high school and went to the University of Kentucky where I studied Broadcast Journalism. I continued my journey in Kentucky for my reporting job, and immediately I signed up for Miss Kentucky USA.”

Why did you decide to enter in the Miss USA pageant?

“For years I had been secretly paying attention to the Miss USA Organization and the women that competed. I saw women who made me want to be better. I finally committed after sitting on the idea for about six years, and let’s just say I am happy I decided to compete.”

Can you describe what you felt when they announced your name as the 2021 pageant winner?

“I don’t think there are words that adequately describe that moment. I re-watch my crowning video quite often, and still each time I am in shock that this is my life currently. Joy, excitement, happiness, and surprise are just a few I would use.”

What does it mean for you to represent your country as Miss USA?

“It is an immense honor. There really is no better feeling than to represent the USA and to connect with people all over the country.”

What’s Next?

What are your goals for the upcoming year?

“To connect. I have been afforded this massive platform where I am able to reach people all around the world. I want people to feel seen and heard. As Miss USA, as Elle Smith, I want women and girls specifically to know that they can occupy space, they can embrace who they are as an individual and not conform to the box society attempts to place women.”

If you could give one piece of advice to young women aspiring to enter the pageant, what would it be?

“DO IT. Take a chance on yourself and accept a challenge. Pageantry is so much more than what you see on stage. It is something that will teach you invaluable lessons about yourself, resilience, discipline, hard work, and skills that will transcend into the professional world. You will be surrounded by women who will make you want to be better. I am a walking example that all is takes is a little bit of chance, hard work and faith and your world can be changed forever.”

To find out more about the Miss USA Pageant, our partnership, and charitable causes, click here.

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