Make It Mine Winner takes over the blog and shares the inspiration behind her specially curated LipSense color!

Wearing Queen B LipSense® made by the Make It Mine winner Tracey Zimmer will have you feeling like you can conquer whatever you set your mind to. But how did she come up with such a slaying shade?

All Independent Distributors have an opportunity to create their own LipSense color when they qualify to enter in the Make It Mine Program.

Tracey Zimmer

This gorgeous light mauve matte was created out of her desire for a powerful color that looks beautiful on all women, and the name to reflect the values she echoes to her daughter and team – to push to be the best version of themselves while inspiring and helping others do the same.

Read along as Zimmer takes over the blog this week and shares with us her SeneGence journey and the inspiration behind her specially curated LipSense color!

Say Hello to Tracey Zimmer

Hey SeneSisters! My name is Tracey Zimmer and I’m a Crown Princess from Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada. I live with my husband Mark, daughter Bria and our miniature schnauzer, Winston.

I’ve been with SeneGence® for five years. My journey started as a distraction when I was on maternity leave, and I was able to turn a hobby into a full-time gig. I have been working my SeneGence business full time for the last three years. I am privileged to be able to do this alongside my incredible team, the Queen B’s, who are the number one team in Canada.

Make It Mine: Create Your Own LipSense

Okay, let’s go back to last virtual Seminar. In Canada we were still pretty locked down. In an effort to make the experience as enjoyable as possible, I rented a hotel room for myself to enjoy some alone time and soak in the conference without the distractions of home. I remember sitting and watching on my computer with a big glass of wine. When my name was called, I about dropped my wine glass. I never in a million years expected that my name would have picked.  I will never forget that moment. I felt every emotion – excitement, fear, shock, gratitude, joy, all of the things.

Very quickly after it sunk in that I was the Make It Mine Winner, I realized all of the pressure that comes along with creating a colour that not only satisfies what I want, but satisfies the needs of the Distributor and consumer. I wanted something that not only would make me happy but would be something that others would love, be flattering on different skin tones, and fit well with our current lineup.

Creating Queen B LipSense

I always had “my perfect colour” in my mind. For the last five years I had been trying to mix that colour using the LipSense shades in our current lineup. I could never get the colour exactly how I wanted so when this opportunity came up it was my time to finally get the colour of my dreams.

The name Queen B stood out to me for a few reasons. The B in Queen B is for my daughter Bria who is the reason why I do everything. I think it’s really important to show girls that when they grow up, they truly can be anything that they want to be, and if there isn’t a way, they have the power inside them to make it. Bria is the reasonI try to show up as the best version of myself every day and inspire others to do the same.

I also wanted a colour to represent my team, the Queen B’s. Honey is not produced by a single bee, it takes the teamwork of the whole hive. Our team encapsulates the sweetness that comes because of working together as a unit to support, push and guide each other.


Seeing my colour unveiled at Seminar 2022 was truly out of this world. That experience had me reflecting on where I started and where I am now. My first colour was Pink Champagne and when I think about the person I was when I wore that colour for the first time, I am a completely different person now. Five years later, standing on a stage with a colour that I designed and named that is going to be sold all over the world is surreal. The most priceless part was standing on that stage as the truest and genuine version of myself. Queen B for me signifies the growth that I’ve had over the last five years.

It is no coincidence that the most important bee in the hive is female. I hope that when women wear Queen B it reminds them of their power as a female in this world, but perhaps even more important is the reminder that bees work together as a hive and in this SeneGence community we are always backed with the support and love of our SeneSisters. 

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9 Replies to “Make It Mine Winner Tracey Zimmer’s Queen B LipSense”

    1. Congratulations Tracey !! On your beautiful LipSense Color 💋 loved watching you virtually as it was announced to us all – way to go 💙

  1. Congratulations I think Queen B is a beautiful everyday colour and it’s going to siut dark or light skin and I am such a fan bit scared to take the chance to sell the products I never sold anything before but I do love playing with all the beautiful products and I will one day try to sell myself

  2. I absolutely love this colour, I got to try it on last night for the first time and I have fallen in love with it. a great every day colour. Well done Tracey you are a legend.!

  3. Such a fabulous story and I love the name that means so much to you. I adore the colour so much. Stacey in Australia 💙💙

  4. I love your Queen B story and I love love the Lipsense. I wore it Easter Sunday out to dinner and looked marvelous on me. Thank you.

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