Inspiration for a strong, balanced Bull season

It’s time to cool off from that hot and fiery Aries season and bring some balance back into our routine with the release of the Taurus Sign Gloss, our fifth shade in Your Zodiac Collection.

We were determined to create a look that resembles the powerful and tenacious plus soft, peaceful energy of the Taurus.

Taurus: The Sign

The season begins April 20 and ends on May 20 – and it’s about to be a robust one. Taureans are steadfast and strong-willed, just like their symbol the bull. Mixed in with the element of earth, a Taurus’ finances, personal and professional life radiate stability that others are drawn to and can easily trust.  

A Taurus’ energy is one to personify, so follow these steps for a truly Taurus, subtle but strong look.

Taurus Makeup: A Step-By-Step Routine

Get the Look!

Balanced Beauty Tip: Never go bold on both your eyes and lips. Taurus Sign Gloss is a soft, lighter mauve shade, so going for bold eyes with these earthy, grounded shades will bring a balanced look – just like a Taurus would!

Step 1: Not Too Much, Not Too Little

Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer is the perfect tint of breathable color. Start your look by applying your shade with a blending sponge or brush.

Step 2: Windows to The Soul

Blend Americano and Moca Java Shimmer ShadowSense®, then glide on Black Brown EyeSense® Long Lasting Eye Liner Pencil for a trusty smokey eye.

Step 3: Subtle and Strong

Apply BrowSense® Long-Lasting Brow Building Cream for precise application that is easy to sculpt for the exact, unique shape that fits you best. For ultimate lift and fullness, apply the colorless BrowSense Volumizing Brow Gel to create a powerful looking facial feature.

Step 4: Volumize the Eyes

Balance off those eyes with define 3-D intensified lashes using LashSense VolumeIntense Mascara.

Step 4: Dewy Glow Time

Glowify™ Mist in Bronze creates a gorgeous golden, dewy finish to your look.

Step 5:  Taurus Sign Gloss

Last but certainly not least, top off your pout with this gorgeous rose-mauve, silver shimmer lip.

More Tips for Taurus Season


Commitment, resilience, and hard work are staples of a Taurus’ personality. In Pisces, you dreamed up a new desire, in Aries you put action items to make it a reality, so now – pick one to finish. Push yourself on a project this season and reap the rewards of seeing it to completion! 

Treat Yourself

Another side of a Taurus is their pursuit of luxury. Remember, they are all about balance, so the only way to stabilize all that tenacity is to sit back, relax and enjoy yourself! Once your project is done, celebrate and indulge in whatever way your heart desires!  

Embody balance and share your truly Taurus makeup look with us #mysenelook for a chance to be featured on our social media page!

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