Seven makeup mistakes and how to avoid them 

Whether you’re new to cosmetics or have been using them for years, beauty blunders can happen. Besides using quality products, it’s essential to use the correct techniques and pick the right shades to match your skin tone and eyes. 

But, not to worry. We’ve got your back! We’re spilling all our secrets to help you prevent embarrassing faux pas and get your makeup looks on lock! 

7 Common Makeup Mistakes and How to Avoid Them. 

  1. Skipping primer. Primer is an essential step that’s easy to forget. This barrier between your foundation and skin helps stabilize other layers of cosmetics and helps them apply more smoothly. Try utilizing MakeSense® Silk Primer– it contains nourishing ingredients like aloe, green tea, and arnica flower extract. It also helps to even out the appearance of skin texture and absorb excess oil.   
  2. Not disguising tired eyes. Don’t let dark circles get you down! Whether you’ve been burning the midnight oil with extra sales or running low on sleep from caring for an infant, signs of fatigue around the eyes can be hard to get rid of. To minimize redness and brighten your eyes, use a pencil on your water line when applying eyeliner. You can also apply EyeLuminator to help you appear bright-eyed and ready for the day! This velvety-smooth blend contains an array of natural oils, SenePlex+ and MakeSense Pearlizer for maximum absorption and glow.  
  3. Choosing the wrong eyeshadow shade.  For instance, if your eyes are blue, you might opt for a blue eyeshadow, assuming that will best complement your eye color. While there is certainly nothing wrong with rocking a blue eye shadow with blue eyes, to really make your eye color pop, go with a color that’s the opposite, or complementary, of your eye color. If you have blue eyes, try ShadowSense® in Copper Rose Shimmer, Bronzed Blush Shimmer, or Candlelight. If you have brown eyes, try Amethyst, Denim, or Desert Rose.   
  4. Mis-matched foundation. Avoid the dreaded mistake of visible foundation lines byperfectly matching your skin tone to the right shade with the right undertone. To discover your skin’s undertone, take a close look at the veins on the underside of your wrist. Are your veins blue or purple? If so, then you are cool, and will look good in MakeSense ® Foundation shades with pink or red undertones. Are your veins green or olive? If yes, you are warm, and will look great in MakeSense shades with yellow undertones. An alternative way to find your undertone is by taking a picture in both a cool-colored shirt (such as gray), and a warm-colored shirt (such as yellow). Whichever you feel you look the best in is likely your undertone. Can’t tell? Then you are most likely a neutral undertone. MakeSense foundations come in an array of neutral, cool, warm and yellow undertone shades.
  5. Overdoing it on bronzer. Bronzers like Translucent Loose Powder in shade Bronze Dust can add a sun-kissed glow to your skin. However, too much of it can make your face look an unnatural shade of orange. Use this product sparingly, applying it to just the cheekbones, forehead, nose, and temples. Avoid putting it on your neck, which is another common mistake. 
  6. Choosing an eyebrow product that’s too dark. Choosing a brow color product that is too dark can make your eyebrows appear heavy. For a more natural effect, pick a pencil or liquid product — like BrowSense® — in a shade lighter than your natural brow. Be sure to use a soft touch with small brushstrokes while applying the brow color to achieve a more natural look. 
  7. Bold eyes AND lips. We love a bold look,but this is a common mistake that can leave your makeup looking a little too bold. The problem is that it makes it difficult to focus attention on one area, creating an overwhelming pair of colors. Try choosing a lip that is lighter than your shadow, or vice versa for a softening effect. Love Garnet ShadowSense? Try Praline Rose LipSense to balance your glam. 

Now you’re on your way to achieving a flawless look. Apply these helpful tips and shop Kiss & Tell products to ensure that each cosmetic application enhances your natural beauty and avoids unnecessary mistakes! 

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