Dive into your creative, emotional side with these tips! 

Dive into the deep end and get in your feelings – it’s Pisces season! Can you feel it with the release of the Pisces Gloss, our third shade in Your Zodiac Collection? 

Pisces: The Sign 

The waters are changing starting February 19 through March 20 with the switch from the passion and drive of Capricorn and Aquarius season to the emotional depths and compassionate energy of the Pisces. The Pisces sign of two fish swimming in opposing directions symbolizes the balance and harmony Pisces season can bring us all.  

Pisces are known for creatively expressing themselves, and this vulnerability helps them connect and empathize with others.  This season is the time to tap into your sensitive side, dream wildly and let your depth shine!  

3 Tips to Embrace Pisces Season 

Find your balance 

Have you been feeling like you’ve been putting all your energy into one extreme or another? It’s time to find your balance again. Take an inventory of what areas in your life feel lacking. Journaling your thoughts is a great start, but then create a list of what your new focus will be to bring some much-needed balance back into your life. For example, maybe you haven’t been as active lately and want to prioritize more physical activity into your routine. Set some intentions and put in the work – you’ll start to feel you are back in sync with who you are and what you need. 

Create a dream board 

This is the time to think some wild thoughts, there are no limits in Pisces season! Flip through some magazines (like, Acclaim) and clip out pictures that represent your wildest dreams! Pisces are very goal-driven and successful when they set their mind to it – and it’s all thanks to their ability to envision where they want to go and make it happen!  


Pisces are the most empathetic sign, and they can connect with people in a way most people can’t. So, in honor of Pisces season, reach out to a friend who you have not checked in on, or open up and be vulnerable with someone you trust – get ready for those deep conversations to lift some burdens off your (and their) shoulders! 

Which one will you try first? Share how you’re dipping into Pisces season in the comment section and let’s get vulnerable!  

Pisces: Create These 3 Makeup Looks 

Deep and Dreamy 

Pisces are less head-in-the clouds, more intentional, intuitive, and imaginative. They know what they want and love to dive into deep thoughts and dream big! Represent the Pisces mood with Pisces Gloss and Mermaid Shimmer ShadowSense® for a deep and dreamy vibe! 

Open for Empathy 

Don’t keep who you are covered up – your vulnerability encourages others to let their guard down and make way to empathize with one another. Show a transparent look wearing a light-weight Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer shade, add a puff of sheer, Transulcent Loose Powder, and a few swipes of sheer Pisces Gloss. 

Expressive, yet balanced 

Pisces love to get creative so what better way to express yourself than with a unique and colorful, yet balanced makeup look? Give your cheeks a subtle pop of color with BlushSense®, add an exotic cat eye using Liquid EyeSense®, and of course – top with some glimmering Pisces Gloss! 

Which Pisces look are you feeling? #mysenelook for a chance to be featured on our social media page! 

Want more about the zodiac signs? Each month, check in with us to catch the newest Your Zodiac Sign Gloss Collection and read all about what each season brings! Don’t forget to save 10% off your purchase when you become a Kiss & Tell Preferred Customer. 

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