Your go-to guide for applying corrective color concealers – the right way!

To conceal, or not to conceal – that is the question, and we’ve got the answer! Rather than beginning your makeup routine caking on foundation to cover unwanted blemishes, opt for concealers first, then add the foundation. Concealers bring balance for a more natural, even tone, and flawless look. But you may be asking why green? How do you use these bizarre colors without looking like a clown?

We’ve broken down what each color can do and how to conceal unwanted blemishes and problem areas!

What is Color Correcting?

Colors opposite of each other on the color wheel work to cancel each other out. For example, green cancels out red, orange eliminates blue and so on. The beauty of color correcting techniques is that it can fix problem areas in your complexion. This is where correcting starts, looking at the color you would like to correct and how to use it’s opposite on the color wheel to conceal!

How to Use Different Color Correcting Concealer Shades

If you have minor blemishes, then the simple answer is to use the concealer shade or combo of shades that matches your skin tone to hide uneven skin ton and discoloration. Fair, Light, Light-Medium, Medium-Deep, and Deep Corrective Color Concealers work to camouflage those small pesky, pigments. But when it comes to strong, noticeable blemishes, there are some tricks based on color correcting theory you should know.

Problem Area: Acne and Red Blemishes

Color Solution: Green Concealer

Raise your hand if you are ready to throw in the towel when it comes to trying (and failing) to cover up pimples with your foundation. We feel your pain! Green Corrective Color Concealer is the heaven-sent answer to any acne, acne scars, and blotchy patches of skin.

Problem Area: Dark Circles (Blue undertones)

Color Solution: Orange (warm) Concealer

For all of you who rise and grind, you may be wondering how to cover up those under-eye circles as a result from lack of sleep. Medium, Medium-Deep, and Deep Corrective Color Concealers all lean towards the warm side of the color sphere, so if you don’t have a solid orange color on hand, these lifesavers will serve in its place-no filters needed anymore!

Problem Area: Purple veins and Shadows

Color Solution: Yellow (neutral) Concealer

Where did those purple discolorations and shadows come from?  Use a yellow concealer, or for lighter skin you can also substitute with fair, light, or light-medium shade to serve as a neutral cover up.

Problem Area: Dark Shadows

Color Solution: White Concealer

While white color concealer may seem intimidating to use, it’s a great way to highlight certain areas of your face and even lighten/brighten foundations that may be too dark. Use a White Color Corrective Concealer to brighten the under eye area, correct discoloration, contour and bake! Pro Tip: use as an eyeshadow color as well.

Pro Tips for Using Corrective Color Concealers

Blend, don’t brush: Using a blending sponge is more effective than a makeup brush. With a brush, you won’t get the concentrated, smooth, even finish you’re looking for. Instead, apply the concealer to problem areas and lightly dab with a sponge to get the right coverage. No sponge? No problem, using your clean fingertip to place a dot and pat on blemishes will work just as great!

Have a light hand: As always, less is more! Too much concealer will eventually become visible through your foundation, and no one wants to see bright green concealer showing up in their makeup look. This easy to fix issue can be accomplished by using only one or two small pumps of concealer. The airless Corrective Color Concealers bottles dispense sparingly so you can get the most out of your concealers with precise application.

Wrong hue, honey: Be careful with what hue you use. Hues are the differences in intensity that you see in a shade. If you have a darker skin tone, a deep warm hue works great, but if you have lighter skin, this is where White Corrective Color Concealer becomes your new best friend. Mix in the white shade with another warm concealer to lighten, brighten for a peachy-keen concealer fit for you!

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