Self-care, but make it quick!

Self-care has become more important than ever now adays, but one pesky problem has always been in the way – time, or should we say not enough of it. 

We know how hard it can be to find time for yourself but ladies, you deserve it and we’re here to help! We’re all about looking for ways to turn simple moments into re-charging, intention setting, time-saving acts of self-love. Studies show that small acts of self-care can help with depression, anxiety, overall stress, health, and productivity. So, give yourself the love you deserve and find micro-moments to practice self-care – even during the hustle of everyday life.

Self-Love Ideas That Take 5- 15 Minutes 

1.Turn up the bathwater – or shower

Maybe you don’t have time for a long, relaxing bath, but what about a quick bath, foot soak, or warm peaceful shower? Light up a yummy, scented candle, set a timer, and step into the water where it’s warm! Break out and indulge in your favorite exfoliators like Smoothing Body Scrub or Facial Resurfacer and finish with Moisturizing Body Lotion. 15 minutes max and you’ve just achieved instant rejuvenation- your skin will thank you for it!

2. 5-minute morsels

It’s amazing how many benefits can be found from an intentional, 5-minute treatment. Aromatherapy sprays, oils, candles, or incense are great ways jump start a new mindset and transition into some self-love. Now, address your pain point. Are you annoyed by unwanted fine lines? Swipe Lip Line Corrector to help tighten and smooth the skin along your lip line. Maybe you’re tired of blotchy, sleep deprived skin. Do a quick rinse then apply Digital Age Defense Serum to defend against blue light related signs of aging.

3. Sit back, time for a facial mask, and relax

Facial masks are the perfect addition to a full self-care routine, but for all you multi-tasking mamas and business owners, it just might be the 10-15 min. pause you may need. Take a few seconds to apply a Detoxifying and Moisturizing Mask or Golden Radiance Peel-Off Mask Collection and let it sit and work its magic in between helping your kiddos with homework, wrapping up late night projects for work, or while watching a movie with the whole fam!

4. Lash boss 

Can’t make it to your lash lady? Become your own lash boss. Getting your lashes growing on-the-go with LashExtend is a way to achieve a two-for-one, self-care treatment. It’s a way to relax and beautify while saving you time – from a trip to the lash salon or spending too much time trying to get your mascara on point. Not to mention, the formula will help you achieve those naturally gorgeous lashes you just can’t get anywhere else!

5. Mind, body, and soul

The best thing you can do for your mental health is love your mind, body and soul. Set a timer for 5 min. in your car or a quiet space, take three deep breaths, jot down an affirmation, pick a much-needed stretch for an achy spot, and end with a quick touch of Renewing & Brightening Hand Cream or Hand Cream with Shea Butter. Now you’re ready to get back to that pile of to-do’s!

So go on, give yourself the de-stress you need and slay all your goals! 

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