5 Creative Tips to Tap into Aquarius Season

We are celebrating all the unique aspects of Aquarius season with the release of the Aquarius Gloss, the second shade in Your Zodiac Sign Gloss Collection. The season begins on January 20 and ends on February 18 – air as its element and the water bearer as its symbol which representing all the independent, imaginative “head in the clouds” type of vibe that this season will bring. Aquarius’ are known for standing out in the crowd, challenging the status quo, and embracing their true self. This season is a time to join that energy and creatively express yourself in a bold way!

Here are 5 tips for embracing this unique Aquarius season!

Try a Unique Makeup Look

Fitting in is boring – so be original and be you! This is the time to play and try something different that will set you apart and get in the spirit of Aquarius season. What better way than to play with makeup! Unique colors like the Jewel Jade or Regal Plum Lash Sense, Rose or Golden Shimmer EyeSense Pencil,  paired with a creative combo of looks will have everyone turning heads, but most of all, it will get you in the mood for concocting some new ideas!

Do Something Creative

Just like your unique makeup look, search for ways to express yourself creatively and tap into your imagination to get your mind on the path of innovation, especially this new year. Not sure where to start? Wine and paint events are a fun, easy way to just let loose with your girlfriends and explore that artistic side. – pro tip: easy to make it an at-home event. Lookup a video tutorial on a craft or hobby that you have always imagined doing and get ready to relax and explore your own ideas and thoughts.

Bold Makeup Look

There’s  a different type of confidence that Aquarius has – it is much more subtle and creatively expressed, rather than straight-forward like the headstrong Capricorns. January is hinting at a year of bright, bold colors and creative self-expression according to Pantone’s 2022 color trends. Try out a new, statement making color like Purple Reign , or any shade that you have been too timid to try out before.  Get ready to feel confidently you while rocking your new shades!

Meet New People

Aquarius tend to be very friendly and cheerful people to be around. One great way to tap into the Aquarius vibe is to step out of your comfort zone, especially if you’re shy, and chat with someone new! Stand comfortably in your own two shoes knowing that you are exactly how you should be and welcome new, beautiful experiences and people into your life!

Challenge Yourself

The most common trait in an Aquarius is their love for challenging mainstream ideas, so start with challenging yourself just like an Aquarius would. If you are an Independent Distributor, look for ways to challenge your business practices. If you’re looking for a new, different way to earn an income, becoming an Independent Distributor is a great way to take ownership of your financial independence and run the show your own way! Whatever your jam is, push yourself and ask those tough questions and enjoy the fresh start this will bring to you this new year

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