All you need to know about this upcoming Capricorn season

Capricorn season is coming in hot so get ready for that grounded, headstrong energy! The season begins on December 22 and ends on January 19 – and we are here for it celebrating the release of the Capricorn Gloss from our first ever Your Zodiac Sign Gloss Collection. Capricorn is a cardinal, earth sign which encourages the potential for new growth. The symbol is based on both half-goat, and half-fish from Sumerian mythology, whose wisdom and intelligence represent the root of Capricorn power. They tend to exude the kind of strength that is surefooted and make great leaders due to their diligent and practical approach. 

 Whatever your sign is, Capricorn season will bring opportunities to learn and grow if you choose to see them. Here are some things that you may expect to see this upcoming month.

5 Things You May Experience This Capricorn Season

1. A transition in energy from Sagittarius season

Sagittarius season is all about living in the moment, being spontaneous, and living with fiery passion and confidence. Take the same enthusiasm with you into Capricorn season, and channel it into more focused productivity.

2. An ambitious outlook

Saturn no longer rules in Capricorn season so you can expect a break from the obstacles that have been looming and find ease in accomplishing your goals.  This is the time to seize the day and choose to view the world with a go-getter attitude. Wrap up those end-of-year presentations and step into the new year by setting ambitious goals, both personal and professional!

3. Seeking a more logical and practical approach 

It may be much easier to remove emotional barriers and think logically during this season. Just remember, don’t go over-board and make sure you are working well with others and be as productive as you can!

4. Confidence

There is a BOLD confidence in Capricorns! Feel it, vibe with it! With the new year ahead, you can start with a clear mind and be more assured and trusting of yourself.

5. BOLD and BRAVE: Take more risks

With the logic and confidence of Capricorn, why not take those risks? This is an opportunity to welcome what you were closed off to and go along for the ride. Who knows what new blessings it will bring!

Ideas to fully embrace the Capricorn way

Capricorn Sign Gloss – Limited Edition
  • Rock the Capricorn Gloss: Tap into your true strength and wisdom while feeling the grounding nature of Capricorn season in Capricorn Gloss from Your Zodiac Sign Collection.
  • Write a list: Brainstorm and jot down new ideas or ones that have been put on the backburner.
  • Get a 2022 calendar: With all this go-getter energy, look ahead this new year to all the goals you want to accomplish and map it out!
  • Take action: Don’t just make resolutions; make real change! Look ahead, dive deep into what your ambitions require, and add those to your lists and calendar. Then, stick to it and make it happen!

Pro Tip: Did we mention our beloved CEO and Founder Joni-Rogers Kante is a strong and ambitious Capricorn? Read Million Dollar Lips for some inspiration and advice on how it’s done and walk in a successful Capricorns footstep!

Now you know what Capricorn season is about, so embrace it and Choose to Live Life in Love and Abundance – and Work for It!

Want more about the zodiac? Each month, check in with us to catch the newest Your Zodiac Sign Gloss Collection and read all about what each season brings! Don’t forget to save 10% off your purchase when you become a Kiss & Tell Preferred Customer.

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  1. I’m so excited to see the Capricorn lip gloss since I am a Capricorn! Thank you! I hope you are all having a Merry Christmas!

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