Understand your unique eye type so you can focus on lining your BEST features.

Ready to up your eye liner technique? So are we. One way to simplify things is to identify your eye shape, so you can accentuate the right areas and make those beautiful eyes POP!

Find Your Eye Shape


This naturally open eye shape lends itself nicely to a variety of eye looks. So many techniques aim to help the eye appear more open, but for the rounded eye, this effect comes standard. Subtle liners in lighter colors, like brown as opposed to popular black, add natural definition to round eyes. Choose an eye liner that blends easily, and use a brush or your finger to smudge color into the lash line. Want a more dramatic look? Another option is to line the waterline in Navy. Finish with a simple coat of mascara, focused most on the top lashes. 


To define and open up the eyes, you want to create elongated lash lines that extend out. Monolids can’t go wrong with the classic cat eye. Since this technique can be tricky to master, choose a liner that’s comfortable for you, with a smooth formula that applies easily. You want to create a look that seems to run along the entire upper lid, but don’t actually start at the end of your inner eye. Instead, begin about 1/4 of the way in, and draw a careful, thin line along your lash line. Then, extend out toward the end of your eyebrow – and flick! Practice makes perfect. Swipe a cotton swab under your wing for cleanup and polishing. 

Bold Tip: For an intensely fierce cat eye, line your waterline with White EyeSense Long-Lasting Eye Liner Pencil.


Choose waterproof and long-lasting liners to keep your eye color from transferring onto your upper lid. Always line precisely along your lash line. For a fresh look, keep the line thin, and run from the outer to inner edges of your upper lash line, leaving the inner corners and lower lash line clean. Then carefully add an extra layer of mascara to fill in any blank spaces between lashes. For a bolder look, go with an ultra-thick line all the way across your lashes, tapering down as you move to the inner edges of your lash line. When you open your eyes, the dramatic color will flow seamlessly into your lid’s natural crease line. 


Techniques are often about playing the opposite, so balance your downward sloped shape with applications that move upward. Line your eye straight across and out, versus accentuating the slope down, OR going against the natural shape of the eye by sloping up too steeply. Try lining straight out across your lash line and extending, ever-so-slightly, beyond the outer edge of your eye. Then, using your finger, start just underneath the outer line, and gently swipe upward to create the perfect wing. Using a smooth liner that dries upon application will make the flick effect easier. For a dramatically lifted effect, start – and finish – with a lash curler. 


Great news for almond eyes – you can wear almost any look you like. Most techniques are flattering on this versatile eye shape. A winged eye using Bold Lines in Charcoal is always a strong choice. Start with a thin line at the inner edge of your lash line and carefully line along to the outer edge of the lash line. Then, create a careful flick by aiming up and towards the outer edge of your eyebrow. It takes practice but you want to angle diagonally upwards to keep the eye looking open and not droopy. The technique is easier to execute with a liner that glides on easily and then stays put. 

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