Whether your goal this summer is to relax by the pool or keep up the hustle, we just made your beauty routine painless with this quick and easy quiz!

Your summer match made in heaven

This summer, my go-to outfit is…

a. Just me and my bikini

b. Trendy, yet comfortable summer dress

c. A blouse and jeans

Colors I’ve been most attracted to lately are…

a. Bright colors

b. Earth tones

c. Blue hues

This summer, I am prioritizing…

a. Self-care

b. Having fun!

c. Career growth

First thing I am going to do each morning is…

a. Wash my face with 3 in 1 Cleanser

b. Hit the road

c. Drink my morning cup of coffee

Ideally, my perfect summer would be spent…

a. Lounging at the pool

b. Exploring someplace new

c. Creating exciting business content

My new summer bestie is…

Mostly A’s– Overnight Lip Mask

You’re all about R&R this summer – the pool and beach have been calling your name all year long and it’s finally time to answer! All that sun time can be damaging to a easily forgotten area-lips! Don’t forget to give your pout some love with this restorative, moisturizing Overnight Lip Mask made with a fruity, watermelon scent to take a dip into summer vibes.

Mostly B’sDesert Sands Collection

Hey bohemian babe, this collection is for you! You’re a traveling goddess in search of new and exciting experiences. This exotic combo of warm shades with a pop of color will give you wanderlust vibes. Blend or wear a solo shade from Desert Sands ShadowSense® or layer Desert Sands LipSense® and you’ll look fire when you step out to play this summer!

Mostly C’s– Digital Age Defense Serum

Work, work, work…that’s what is on the agenda this summer – but you are loving every minute of it! A layer of Digital Age Defense Serum is all you’ll need this summer to stay focused on your goals, while maintaining proper skin care. This serum helps to defend against damage caused from UV light that causes pesky signs of aging.

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  1. I got “Mostly B’s– Desert Sands Collection” which is perfect because my new Desert Sands ShadowSense Collection just arrived in the mail today!

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