our most beloved, science-backed, natural products, guaranteed to give you a true boost of plumping, line-filling, youthful beauty!

Fear of filler? For many, lip injections rank higher on the scared scale than snakes, public speaking, and seeing your ex on social media. In-office treatments can be intimidating. What happens if something goes wrong (Is this my face now?!)? Then there are the, ummm… needles… Admittedly, never been the biggest fan. Next, we consider the issue of that age-old resource: money. Dermatologist-dealt aesthetics can be extremely expensive, and that’s just getting started, not to mention maintenance. The final item on our list of considerations is exactly that – too many of them. It can feel overwhelming to sort through the pros and cons of clinical cosmetic treatments. Where do you even start?  The menu feels longer than Cheesecake Factory’s, and that’s saying a lot.

Don’t misunderstand. With a plethora of advanced, and continuously improving procedures out there, we say, “To each their own!” Beauty practices have existed since the beginning of time, and today’s options have their appeal. The fillers (etc.) of now are a far-cry from the one size fits all versions of the past. But, we get it… In-office treatments aren’t for everyone. 

If that’s you, we’re happy to share our most beloved, science-backed, natural products, guaranteed to give you a true boost of plumping, line-filling, youthful beauty. All without needles or a celebrity skincare budget.


Specifically formulated to soothe and hydrate for visibly plumper, softer, smoother lips in the morning. 

Key Ingredients

LipPerfection: An active ingredient derived from purified extracts of mustard sprouts that helps to hydrate and increase the appearance of lip volume. 

Watermelon Fruit Extract: A superfruit extract rich in vitamins, aminos, and antioxidants to protect against moisture loss. 

Shea Butter: Softens and protects the skin.


Provides full, pouty lips without the use of irritants. This proprietary formula is based on the most advanced and natural technologies, plumping lips from the inside out. 

Key Ingredients

Volumizing Complex: Proprietary blend of peptides and botanicals.

Kiss Me Quick Plant: Helps boost moisture and the appearance of firmness.


Visibly diminishes the look of stubborn feather lines and wrinkles around the lip contour and mouth.

Key Ingredients

X50 Hyalufiller: Helps improve the appearance of skin elasticity and firmness.

SWT-7TM: Helps smooth the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Wildberry Harvest: Helps hydrate and nourish dry skin.

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  1. Yes!!! I use all three of these amazing products. .but Senegence also has the collagen Night Pak that definitely helps to plump up my lips. With the Lip Volumizer together are a power couple!!💙💙💙

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