Here are three top Gemini strengths, and our ideas on how to lean into them from now through summer solstice!

Not that we have to tell you, dear Gemini (and friends), but the stars have aligned, quite literally, for Gemini season 2022. This year’s season, which commences on May 21, and ends on June 20, is set to be more extraordinary than usual. What’s in store? Three celestial phenomena: Mercury retrograde (May 29-June 22), and, not one, but two eclipses.

Legend has it that Mercury retrograde can wreak havoc on our lives, mostly in the variety of making you lose your keys or forget your dentist appointment. Nothing traumatic (thankfully), but many experts believe this Gemini season might be particularly poised for success! What can we say? We like to focus on the positive. With that, we’d like to propose a planetary pivot, away from the disastrous, and towards universal favor.

Here are three top Gemini strengths, and our ideas on how to lean into them from now through summer solstice (6/20), to maximize on the epic nature of Gemini season 2022. Whether you’re a Gemini, basking in your moment, or another sign, ready to kick-off summer with success, there’s wisdom here for everyone!



When it comes to the unexpected, whether that means life not going as planned, or true hardship, Geminis persevere. They have a gift for rising above, and utilizing challenges for positive evolution.

Ways to grow in ADAPTABILITY this season:

  • Identify an area of your life you’d like to change, and create an action plan around it. Maybe it’s something you’ve identified as less than ideal, but you’ve been ignoring, or deprioritizing. You’re adept at handling change when it’s thrown at you, so why not utilize that skill to take the reins on improving your circumstances, on your terms?
  • What’s something you’re excellent at already? Since you’ve established proficiency, take a risk and switch it up; do something totally different. An easy example is your fitness routine. Are you a marathon runner? Decide to do a 30 day yoga challenge, or start lifting weights 2-3 days a week. Add something new to (kindly) shock your system into incremental growth. 
  • How are you, really? A key to long term adaptability, not to mention peace and happiness, is holistic health: mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Take a step towards healing and change. That can look like counseling, journaling, meditation, and more. Remember – you don’t have to be perfect; tiny, daily habits are more impactful than big, grandiose goals! Small changes make a big difference over time.


Geminis are known for being social butterflies, and though not every Gemini is an extrovert with an extensive social circle, most have a real gift for relationships.

Ways to grow in SOCIABILITY this season:

  • Reinvest in existing relationships that may have been (understandably) neglected throughout the pandemic. Identify a few people, or even just one, with whom you’d like to rekindle a friendship. 
  • Find a way to cultivate connections in your social or professional circles, in a hosting capacity. Again, whether you’re the life of the party, or more introverted – maybe with a smaller group of friends, you’re great at connecting with people, and bringing everyone together.  
  • Volunteer with the underserved in your community. Find a local nonprofit, and get involved in a way that utilizes your specific skill set. For example, if you work in marketing, you’d be amazing at helping a nonprofit board get their name out for fundraising. Or if you’re a musician, you’d be awesome at playing for residents at a local nursing home.


Geminis are information gatherers, and relentless researchers. They’re on a seemingly endless quest for discovery. Maybe this summer could be about more than a vacation and weekend barbecues. It could be a chance to pursue knowledge in new ways.

Ways to grow in CURIOSITY this season:

  • Explore a side hustle, or a new career path you’ve been considering for a while. 
  • What’s one subject you want to know more about? Decide on a book, course or podcast (etc.) and plan to complete the curriculum by June 20. 
  • We can’t conclude a zodiac themed post without a mention of romantic love, and this is the moment. If there’s someone you’ve been “curious” about, go for it! It’s fun to fall in love in the summer, and you have Gemini season on your side.

Of course, these growth ideas don’t have to end when Gemini season transitions into Cancer. Learning to develop your strengths is a habit that can serve you for a lifetime!


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