Strengthen connections, grow your business, and shop your heart out with these apps!

In the sea of technology, it’s so hard to pick and choose which apps offer better business building techniques. That’s where we come in.

With our apps, we created opportunities to strengthen connections and grow your business. By integrating trust and technology, SeneGence offers its Customer and Distributors the best of both worlds.

Here are 4 apps you should use to shop and save in 2022


Knowing which color of eyeshadow accentuates your spunky personality or unique eye color can sometimes feel like a guessing game. We made trying on new shades of makeup easy with SeneLook. You can play with a virtual makeover, snap a selfie, and share your new look on social media or spread the word about your newfound LipSense® shade. Discover your next favorite product, tell your friends about it, and click to buy it anytime, anywhere!


Who isn’t on the lookout for the absolute best shopping deal? The SeneShop app is a virtual marketplace that gives you the confidence that you need to snag the best value with features to keep you informed about promotions and limited-edition products so you can scoop them up before they are gone. Distributors, you can place new inventory orders and Customers can enjoy a cosmetic shopping spree with just a few clicks.

For those of you who can’t stop shouting from the rooftops how much you love SeneGence products, why not seize the opportunity to share your favorite products directly! The beauty of selling SeneGence products and starting your own business is we have the resources you need to learn the “how to’s” and get connected! This is where DOTS and SeneBiz come in…


Starting a new business can be daunting, but SeneGence’s DOTS bridges the information gap that exists with an interactive education platform that answers frequent questions and provides valuable insight into how to build a SeneGence business. Distributors will find onboarding tutorials, basic training, product information and details, compliance protocols, personal development courses, and advanced leadership training modules. DOTS also provides information about incentives and rewards programs available to them.


Building a business is all about networking, but you may be stuck on how to organize and connect with all your potential and new prospects. SeneBiz to the rescue! This app lets you easily connect with new contacts and interact with your team by sharing exclusive marketing materials like videos, images and more!

So, snap your selfies, then save 10% on your new favorite product when you become a Kiss & Tell Preferred Customer!

If you want to start your own business and share SeneGence products, get to work with these apps when you become an Independent Distributor!

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