What will YOU accomplish this Seminar Year?

Hello Lovelies! I can hardly believe it is already the second month of our new Seminar Year- time flies when you are having fun and pushing for your goals, doesn’t it? I happily celebrate each and every one of your successes, as SeneGence experiences month after month of record-breaking growth. I hope you continue to be filled with a renewed sense of inspiration and motivation for your SeneGence business, after the excitement from Seminar. As we all look forward to a new season (summer is just around the corner here in the US!), SeneGence Distributors can take advantage of abundant opportunities for success with many fabulous new programs introduced for the new 2016-2017 Seminar year, such as:

• Make It Mine Contest:make it mine collage

This is your chance to create and name your very own LipSense color! If you’ve dreamt of your perfect signature shade, you can see it come true by earning entries with your sales and sponsoring efforts. Congratulations to US Distributor Anna Schweitzer, and AU Distributor Lina Roth who were our April winners. I can’t wait to see you winning in May and June! Anna Schweitzer Lina Roth

• SeneStar Cabo San Lucas Trip and LIPS Bahamas Trip:cabo dreams

Qualify to join me for these trips of a lifetime! Vacation like the Royalty you are, and have the chance to get to know other top SeneGence leaders in a tropical paradise setting.

When you push for these goals, not only will you (and your family) enjoy the concrete prizes that come with achieving them, but your business will also simultaneously grow, resulting in long-term success. You’ll be building your Downline and Customer base and increasing your sales. These programs were designed to allow you to maximize your business efforts and be rewarded in the most generous way possible. SeneGence offers you many various opportunities to improve, succeed, and earn. Together, let’s work to achieve your goals, large and small as it all plays into the overall continued growth and success of SeneGence, and enjoy the benefits along the way!

As we move confidently into another successful, record-breaking season, organize your business goals and take active steps to reaching them. Now is the time to plan your seasonal Demos, Open Houses, and SeneBlends Makeovers. There are so many opportunities that a new season presents to grow your business! Take advantage of summer activities like weddings, graduations, traveling, summer BBQs and more to WOW and gather new contacts. Australian Lovelies can plan fun winter activities like Hot Cocoa and LipSense Demos and Winter Skin Care SeneBlends. Carry an on-the-go tester kit wherever your day takes you, stocked with your most popular LipSense shades, applicators, SeneDerm samples and business cards. You’ll be ready to seize the opportunities that come your way during this social time of year.

Just as you must “water” your flowers to see them bloom abundantly, so must you tend to your business to see it pay off later in the year. Invest in your business and make it a priority to attend PIT Stop in July to vastly improve your business marketing and social media knowledge. Our agenda is jam-packed with social media, marketing and business topicsthere will be incredible events both in my home state of Oklahoma and in the beautiful city of Brisbane, Australia!

And remember, always choose to live life in love and abundance…then work for it!

Love, Joni

Crown Princess Retreat 2016- All Aboard!

Hello my Lovelies! I would like to share with you the amazing trip I took earlier this month with over 50 Leader Distributors for the Crown Princess Retreat 2016. Attendees for the Crown Princess Retreat are chosen based on the most qualified Countesses and above in the SeneGence Royal Court. They are the most influential Distributors in SeneGence, helping to guide and lead their teams to success. This year, I had the pleasure of boarding a Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship and spending 4 wonderful days at sea and in Cozumel, Mexico with these inspiring women!



We enjoyed two productive days of training together on a variety of leadership topics like sponsoring and follow-up, leadership challenges, creating schedules and goal setting. We also took some time to identify new and upcoming power pockets in regions all over the US and beyond. And of course, shared our tips for success and what we are utmost thankful for with one another – a true bonding opportunity!

Leaders training, sharing and networking



Evenings included gourmet meals with engaging conversation between Distributors, both seasoned and new, along with our Corporate staff hosts, including myself, Leslie Boyd-Bradley, Kirsten Aguilar, Carmen Holladay and Ashton Currie.


A fun Saturday in port of call Cozumel created new adventures for all, from exploring the ancient Mayan city of Tulum and its famous ruins, to snorkeling and shopping adventures, to relaxing poolside and enjoying the warm rays of the sun (of course while protecting skin with DayTime Moisturizer and MakeSense Foundation!)

My sister, Millie, and I at the Mayan ruins


Distributors having fun poolside!


My lovelies were ever-present on the grand ship of thousands; for everywhere I turned I could see a Distributor introducing our products and career opportunity to a new woman she met. And of course, all were WOWed! A big Thank You to Sharon & Jada for the “CP Retreat” jerseys they gifted each attendee. It was fun to wear together and made our beautiful group even more noticeable.


I have no doubt I will continue to witness future success and great growth in business coming to each and every one of my Lovelies who were at sea with me. The CP Retreat gave them some invaluable training to take back to their teams to support their growth and prepare for Seminar this coming April!

I can’t wait to see all of your beautiful faces next month in Anaheim, CA for Seminar “Crowning Achievements!” It’s going to be an event to forever remember.

Until next time, remember to choose to live life in love and abundance…then work for it!

Logo Seminar 2016_for web_lowres

La Dolce Vita on the Rome LIPS Trip

Hello Lovelies! Last month, Ben and I took qualifying LIPS Trip Distributors to Rome, Italy for the trip of a lifetime. The group included Ruby Crown Princess Kate Trevean, Crown Princess Sarah Copeland, Ruby Queen Dawn Christian, Sapphire Queen Jada Cecil, Sapphire Crown Princess Jenny Hemingway, Princess Jade Gustavsson and Ruby Crown Princess Lisa Tippen-Morris, along with their husbands. My two sons Alan and William also joined the group. It was a spectacular trip, and everyone made memories that are sure to last a lifetime. How special it was to be able to share in the experience with my Leaders and my family! Let me tell you a little bit about what we did, saw…and ate!

Rome is absolutely filled with fascinating history, and it was a real treat to share it with these Leaders. Here is the group at the Trevi Fountain, which is a grand baroque fountain. It is said that if you throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain, you will one day return to Rome. I do hope that’s true!


In addition to being our fabulous trip planner, my husband Ben also took gorgeous photography of the sites and fun in Rome. I just love this one of Jenny Hemingway and her husband.


The rich history of Rome is almost tangible in the air, and everywhere you look it seems you see something ancient, beautiful, and mysterious. One of my favorite sites that we visited was the Coliseum. It’s amazing to think that this stadium has been standing since ancient Roman times, for 2000 years! The sprawling view of arches and columns inside the structure is breathtaking.



I also love this one of Dawn Christian and her husband 🙂


We also visited the ornate and beautiful Vatican City and museum, which was a feast for the eyes! Stunning frescos, carved marble, precious jewels and more were up for view. As a lover of jewelry, it was wonderful to be able to view royal and religious precious pieces of jewelry (and gave me inspiration and ideas for our SeneGence Royalty jewelry!).



We enjoyed beautiful walking tours of the city, and were able to sample delicious cheeses, fruits and meats from open-air markets and shops, really experiencing true Italian cuisine and flavors.



One of the group’s favorite experiences was learning how to make Italian pasta from scratch from a professional chef. We made and rolled out the dough, cooked our ravioli and then tasted the “fruits of our labor.” It was delizioso!



It was a beautiful trip, and was made even more beautiful for me by being able to spend time with my Leaders. Ben and I want to host even more Distributors on our next LIPS Trip to Atlantis on the beautiful Paradise Island in The Bahamas. Any level of Distributor can achieve this trip with a little goal setting! Make it your goal to join us in paradise next year. Whether you are a new or seasoned Distributor, you can make it happen by working your business!

lips trip bahamas


Until next time Lovelies, choose to live life in love and abundance…then work for it!

Adventures in Vanuatu

Hello Lovelies! I’m excited to tell you about the incredible trip to Vanuatu I took last month with my husband, Ben, and our sons, Alan and William. We spent two weeks immersed in its tropical beauty. Surrounded by exotic plants, flowers, and landscapes, I was continually filled with inspiration for the future of SeneGence and our products.  Take a glimpse of the stunning natural beauty of Vanuatu (though pictures don’t fully do it justice!).

Pristine Beaches
Lush plants and flowers abound in Vanuatu, such as this white orchid
Gorgeous native Vanuatuan children

This string of islands in the south pacific is so important to the history, and future, of SeneGence. I first travelled to Vanuatu 15 years ago, and discovered its rich bounty of unique plants, flowers, and minerals unlike any others in the world. Since then, SeneGence has been lucky to source from there many natural ingredients that are essential to the formulations of SeneDerm SkinCare. My discovery of Vanuatu Volcanic Ash and its incredible exfoliating and skin restorative properties is what inspired the creation of several SeneDerm products. The natural floral and plant extracts are also present in many products, and are a big reason why SeneDerm SkinCare really works to transform skin (and always will!).

Joni in Vanuatu
Me, collecting Volcanic Ash samples from Mt. Yasur 15 years ago
William, Alan and I collecting Volcanic Ash samples from Mt. Yasur last month
Natural extract from orchids like these is one of the many beneficial ingredients in SeneDerm SkinCare and SenseCosmetics
Taking samples of sea kelp and algae

For Ben and I, travelling back to Vanuatu really felt like coming full circle, back to the source of it all. This time, we were able to share the experience with our two sons. We showed them the beauty of the island and its natural resources, spending time getting familiar with the plants and minerals and appreciating the wonderful beauty of this special place.

William feeling the texture of the Volcanic sand and Alan capturing photos
William loved learning about the different plants and flowers and how they are good for skin
Here I am talking to Alan about the geography of the island
On an night-time excursion up the volcano at Mt. Yasur
William with the son of our guide

We spent much time capturing film and video footage of our stunning surroundings. Alan even piloted a drone, which we flew into the volcano, Mt. Yasur to capture footage of the inside. I cannot wait to use the footage in future video and print pieces, to show you the source of our high-quality, unique ingredients.

Alan piloting the drone with the tablet
The hike up Mt. Yasur to gather Volcanic ash and sand
Gazing out at the vast landscape

SeneGence will continue to treasure and utilize ingredients and work hand-in-hand with the native people of Vanuatu as we move forward with the creation of new, ground-breaking skin care technology and discover more beneficial, natural ingredients to include. You can be confident in knowing that SeneGence will always hold the quality, uniqueness, and effectiveness of our products as the top priority. I can’t wait to show you the fruits of our trip to Vanuatu in the months ahead; I think you are really going to be WOW-ed J

On behalf of everyone at SeneGence, I wish  you warmest wishes and a very Merry Christmas to you and your family.

christmas holiday card 2015

Until next time my lovelies, choose to live life in love and abundance…then work for it!


A Drive, a Zip, and a Makeover!


Meet Lera! While here in Vanuatu, Ben wanted us to visit a cave in the rain forest where head hunters took their ‘meals.’  There was a long drive to find the 16 section zip line through the forest. After climbing stairs as high as a Mountain in full rigs, and looking down from the top, our son William decides he DOES NOT want to make the journey down via zip line! (like, why couldn’t that have been decided BEFORE the climb!) Of course, mom (me), was elected to descend the stairs and wait at the bottom with William to await everyone’s return.

At the bottom in a hut was Lera. Lera spoke a little English… and it was her job to serve refreshments for returning visitors from the cave. I noted she watched me with a keen eye as I powdered my face with Translucid Powder… dripping wet from the climb. Lera had no makeup on. I grabbed my SeneCouture zip makeup bag and headed toward her. She began to giggle when I told her it was make-over time, to pass the time. She told me she should wear makeup to be ‘more pretty,’ but she didn’t own any. I told her she was beautiful already…. but it was fun to play every now and then! Thankfully, I had packed my zipper bag with one set of yellow-based shades and one full set of blue-based shades (packing light this trip). They all fit in the zippers. Anyway, I used Moca Java ShadowSense mixed with Color Corrective Tinted Moisturizer for her foundation; Terra Cotta LinerSense with Beige Champagne LipSense; Toasted Rose BlushSense and Moca Java mixed for blush;  Moca Java for brows,  a dash of my mascara, and lined her eyes with Denim ShadowSense. She watched in the attached mirror as I applied. She was awed! Couldn’t stop looking at her transformation as she giggled and gasped at how pretty she thought she looked. She stated her husband “wouldn’t know what to do” …. Oh my!
Lera lived down the road, we (Lera, William and I) took a walk to her ‘home,’ which was made of tin and wood. She owns cows and a couple of horses, some very loud rooster and chickens, and has two beautiful teenage sons. I never entered the house… and to say the least, she was very fascinated with my phone, or maybe the gorgeous LipSense case (?). We sat for awhile looking at my photo stream while I explained to her the things she saw.

The journeyers returned. Lera served refreshments as we listened to their excited and fascinating marvelous tales…

When it was time to leave, Lera and I hugged. I handed her the makeup I used on her, along with the extra brushes I could spare. She gave me her address to write to her, which I will.

Our makeup bridges lives…. Women everywhere are the same: We want love, friendship, a connection and respect from one another… Our sisterhood extends around the world.💋

Limitless Possibilities in the New Season!

Hello my Lovelies! Welcome to a new, exciting season with SeneGence. I love this time of year in the US, when the leaves turn golden, the weather becomes crisp, and we are surrounded by family and friends. The holiday season is at our doorstep, and the time is right to plan success within your business. What do you dream about accomplishing this season? An increased commission check for your family, earning the SeneStar trip to Vancouver and treating your Partner to a first-class vacation, or perhaps qualifying for your very own SeneCar? If you dream it, you can do it with SeneGence. After all, “A Goal is a Dream with a Deadline.”

Vancouver, BC- the destination for the next SeneStar trip!
Vancouver, BC- the destination for the next SeneStar trip!

At US Leaders Conference earlier this month, I was honored to listen to the stories of several of our new Leaders, and how their SeneGence businesses have enriched their lives, in just a few months. I heard inspirational testimonials of how SeneGence has made the difference in allowing mothers to provide homes for their children, and has provided a supportive sisterhood for those who have recently lost a loved one. I was moved by their stories, and was reminded of how much an individual can change their life for the better, when they decide to live life in love and abundance. The word that kept coming to the forefront of my mind was “Empowerment.” SeneGence empowers women with financial freedom, new opportunities, freedom of time, and the chance to build a business legacy.

New Royal Court Leaders sharing their inspirational SeneGence stories
New Royal Court Leaders sharing their inspirational SeneGence stories
Leaders Achievement Day Qualifiers
Leaders Achievement Day Qualifiers

The possibilities are limitless, but you must envision your achievements now, and set your sales and sponsoring plans to see them through over the next few months, the largest two quarters of our Seminar Year. October is the time to resolve to finish out your 2015 year strong with the holiday selling season, followed by moving into success during the first “New Year’ quarter of 2016. Here are some simple things you can do, whether you are a new or seasoned Distributor, to make this season productive and set yourself up for success in the near future:

• Use your Back Office Resources-whether it’s the many goal tracking forms available to you, your Distributor Dashboard, or the Distributor training manuals, your Back Office is a wealth of information, knowledge, and resources to keep you on-track. The solutions to your problems and answers to your questions are there, more often than not. Invest a few minutes every day in exploring it.

back office

• Register for PIT Stop Glam it Up!- As you’ve probably heard, each SeneGence quarterly training event is a potentially career changing experience. If you need to strengthen your makeup application or product knowledge skills, do not miss this event- register now! (And complete SeneBlends Certified Make Up Artist Certification)

When you complete your SeneBlends Certification, you get a beautiful  gold badge to wear!
When you complete your SeneBlends Certification, you get a beautiful gold badge to wear!

• Start filling in your 2016 Calendar- Get a head-start on the New Year and begin to plan out your Team training dates, Open Houses, marketing promotions and Demos…. And don’t forget Seminar in April! Framing a work and financial game-plan to win will make all the difference in your success.

Seminar 2016- "Crowning Achievements" is an event not to be missed!
Seminar 2016- “Crowning Achievements” is an event not to be missed!

• Wear your stripes every day – where there are women, there are potential Customers and Distributors who are just waiting for what you have to offer.


Reaching goals takes forethought, agreements, commitments, understanding, and execution. But when you do reach your goals, you will be enriching your life and the lives of those surrounding you. It’s all worth it in the end, when you can look at what you’ve accomplished, whether for yourself or for your family, and say “I did it!”

I hope you are all enjoying offering new products that really work to your Customers-SeneDerm Collagen Night Pak, Holly Berry LipSense and Mulled Wine LipSense. Be sure you incorporate them into your holiday sales and marketing plans! As always, choose to live life in love and abundance…then work for it!



Fantastic Free Sign-Ups!

Hello Lovelies!

I am so excited for the incredible growth we’ve all been experiencing at SeneGence this Seminar Year, and I can confidently say that it has been even more exciting with FREE Distributor Sign-Ups in September! This is your time to turn your DREAMS into PLANS and fast-track your business goals by sponsoring others into the SeneGence Career (or by joining us as a Distributor this month). Some of the most successful SeneGence Leaders joined during Free Sign-Up month, so be sure to share this fantastic opportunity with everyone you meet. After all, free sign-up means that SeneGence has eliminated the $50 sign-up fee for the month, and thus has eliminated any financial hindrance a potential New Distributor might experience when deciding whether to join us, now it’s all about desire and a will to succeed without limitation. Trust me when I say there is nothing to be lost by joining SeneGence, but so much to gain.

US_SeneGence_September 2015 Free sign up facebook cover

When I think of the opportunity that comes with becoming a SeneGence Independent Distributor, the word that resonates with me is INDEPENDENT. SeneGence Distributors  run and operate their own business, they have the freedom to work the hours they choose and to earn the income they desire, tied directly to their efforts. They have the chance to make their passion their paycheck, earning income while “playing makeup” and teaching good skincare habits, using effective products that really work with their friends. They are able to break free from the restrictions of a corporate career and spend more time with their loved ones, and they are supported every step of the way on their journey to financial independence with training resources and personal support.  Only a few days remain to join us for free- the final day is September 30, 2015. If you are a Distributor, I encourage you to take advantage of each day to grow your team with wonderful new members. If you haven’t joined us as a Distributor yet, do so today, for free. You’ll be so glad you did 🙂

As always, choose to live life in love and abundance… then work for it!