Take your skincare routine to the next level for the new year.

Ring in the new year with beautiful skin!

2022 is here, and we’re ready for a fresh start to set some new goals! Something high on our list? Our skincare routine.

Change up your skincare routine with us and take these five tips with you into the new year to make beautiful changes your skin will love!

5 Tips for Your New and Improved Skincare Routine

1. Hydration + Diet

Dermatologists, health experts, and estheticians agree that the key to naturally gorgeous skin is lots of water and a healthy diet to go along with effective skincare treatments. So, start the new year hydrated and incorporate foods rich in vitamin C and healthy fats like oranges, tomatoes, avocados and coconut oil.

2. Melt-Away the Past

Effortlessly melt away impurities while hydrating your skin for a fresh, dewy glow with this dual-purpose Deep Cleansing Balm. This non-greasy, lightweight formula is one of our 2021 favorites, and we know it will be one of yours too! Simply work the product in your hands to melt the balm into an oil, massage, and rinse away waterproof makeup (Yes, that includes LipSense®!).

3. The Future of Skincare

Take your skincare routine to the next level, day and night, with the perfect solution to dull, dry skin. Plus, there is a trend to look for in 2022, skincare containing peptides, and we’ve got you covered. This Dry skincare line contains copper tripeptide-1, which helps promote firmer-looking skin. In addition, there is plenty of moisture restoring ingredients to help brighten and even skin tone – so say hello to a youthful glow this year!

4. Don’t Forget Your Lips

Neglecting your pout in 2021? Now’s the time to step up your lip care routine, too. Give your lips some much-needed beauty rest with the Overnight Lip Mask for an extra kiss of softness. This lip care fave helps dry lips feel hydrated and rejuvenated for a plump-looking appearance in the morning! 

5. Last but Not Least

Don’t neglect your brushes! According to the American Academy of Dermatology, forgetting to clean your makeup brushes can be the number one cause of breakouts and infections. End your routine by gently swirling your brushes for 20 seconds with this Brush Cleaner and wash away the grime of last year!

Make 2022 your best skincare year! Take 10% off all skincare products when you become a Kiss & Tell Preferred Customer and enjoy your new year routine. We made it easy to start this year off right – sign ups are FREE for the whole month of January!

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  1. I love the simple breakdown of what to use and why!! I have a fabulous Senegence distributor, Keely. She has introduced and helped me with so much!

  2. Love your products and skincare. Been using now for a year and love my skin finally. Kelly Jones is my distributor and she is awesome.

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