Quick, life-saving tips to help get you through the holidays with ease.

It’s the holiday season, and as much holly jolly joy there is, we know everyone needs some quick, life-savings hacks. From rushing to holiday parties to scrambling for décor or getting to the airport, you’ll need some backup ideas if things don’t go as planned. 

Here are five holiday hacks to the rescue:

1. Hacks for the travel queen

Forgot someone’s gift? Here’s a solution to say goodbye to stuffing and damaging last-minute gifts in your suitcase or rushing to the store the second your flight lands. Take those 30 minutes in the security line to book an experience online with someone you care for instead of presents. Treat them to a spa day, museum outing, or bungee jumping – whatever their jam is!

2. Easy glam updo

Rushing from the office to a holiday party? We’ve got your back! Here is a 5-minute tutorial for a chic updo. Prep a bag filled with a ponytail holder, bobby pins, and mini holding spray– no one will even notice you did this right before you walked into the party! Maybe you’re looking for something different. Dress up your favorite hairstyle by adding a holiday accent using fake floral or foliage decorations lying around the house and secure with a bobby pin.

3.“They’ll never know” décor hacks

We’ve got a few hacks for you here:

  • Extra coffee mugs lying around? Use Christmas-themed mugs to put real or fake foliage inside and spruce up the space.
  • Less is more! Use a toilet paper roll or a food can as a filler in your glass jars so you can decorate as much as your heart desires! 
  • Command hooks are your new best friend. Hang any leftover decorations with these hooks to get rid of ugly nails and save on expensive hangers.
  • SeneGence organza bags are the perfect holiday hack. Fill with décor or holiday candies to set out when guests stop by! 

4. Last-minute holiday recipe

Want to turn your batch of cookies or store-bought cheesecake into a holiday treat? Beautify any plain-looking dessert with a few simple ingredients; whipped cream, candy canes, or gingerbread cookies. Decorate modestly or coat your dessert with whipped cream and sprinkle with crushed canes or gingerbread men. It’s two steps to a festive look!

5. Don’t forget your self-care: 

Last but certainly not least are easy ways to make sure you stay mentally happy and healthy. Take five minutes to practice breathing techniques using a meditation app like Calm, or jot down positive affirmations in your phone notes for you to whip out if you are feeling overwhelmed. Don’t forget to take care of your skin by applying evening moisturizers or using an overnight lip mask to self-care while you sleep!

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    1. Hi Judith. Simply click on the blue highlighted link “5-Minute Tutorial” and it’ll send you to a short YouTube video. I’ve done this hairstyle many times and it truly does the trick! I’m here with any other Senegence product questions too. Happy Holidays!

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