7 easy wrapping tips to try at home this season 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and this month, we’re prepping for the holidays with some creative, DIY wrapping tips!

No more over-priced gift bags – seasonal shopping is costly enough! Plus, since you’ve spent all this time finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones, make sure to wrap them beautifully.

Here are some fun, unique, affordable, and eco-friendly ways to wrap those gifts like a pro! 

7 Creative and Easy Wrapping Tips 

  1. Re-use Organza Bags: In a last-minute pinch to wrap your gifts? If you’ve saved up all the colorful organza bags from your favorite SeneGence products, all that’s left to do is fill with festive tissue paper, tie some curled ribbons, and voila! 
  2. Nature Made: Here is a simple way to wrap your gifts that doubles as a fun activity for the kids! Take a walk outside and gather some leaves, flowers, or other botanicals to decorate your presents. This simple, yet chic wrapping requires some neutral brown recycled paper wrapped in twine and topped with mother nature. 
  3. Wine Sleeves: Wine is such an easy go-to gift, but who would have thought an old sweater could turn into a festive, cozy sleeve for wine? All you have to do is cut the sleeve off that old Christmas sweater you have in the closet and tie it with some thick, velvet ribbon and you’ve got a one-of-a-kind gift wrap! 
  4. Grocery Bag Glow-Up: Give your paper bags a make-over! Just make sure that any print on the bag is facing the inside of the wrapping and tape it tightly around your gift. You can decorate the outside with yarn, glitter, dot paint, and candy canes for a festive, fun feel! 
  5. Stamp it up: If you are a crafting queen, you probably have old fabric or sturdy paper lying around. Take your favorite festive stamps and customize each present with this unique wrapping! 
  6. Memory Lane: One way to personalize your gifts is to attach a photo of your favorite memory with that person. Use it as a gift tag to write a meaningful message, or simply tuck it under some ribbon or twine! Wrapping all your loved ones are sure to love! 
  7. Cloth Wrap (Furoshiki): A wrapping technique based on a Japanese tradition is now a trending eco-friendly way to wrap presents. All you need is a square cloth big enough to fold around the gift, tie at the top, and something festive to decorate. You can check out this step-by-step tutorial to get started! 

Try these tips at home this season and your presents will be standing out at all the holiday parties! Still not sure what to get your loved ones this holiday? We have gift sets for one and all! Make sure to take 10% off when you become a Kiss & Tell Preferred Customer. 

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