We are proud to announce that SeneGence is the 2021 Miss USA and Miss Teen USA Presenting Sponsor!

On July 22 in Frisco, Texas, 2008’s Miss USA and President for the organization Crystle Stewart joined SeneGence Founder and CEO Joni Rogers-Kante at SeneGence’s Annual PIT M3 event to announce their exciting partnership.

Miss USA and SeneGence are two organizations that are deeply aligned with the advancement and empowerment of women, and we couldn’t be more excited to share those values in this partnership!

Our Shared Mission

From the beginnings of SeneGence purchasing a pageant vendor booth in 2001 to the now 2021 presenting sponsor, SeneGence has always been a royal ally of the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA pageant.

Our synergy of purpose is what makes our organizations the perfect partnership. We walk in agreement to empower, inspire, and provide women with the resources and tools needed to confidently pursue their dreams.

Who Is Crystle Stewart?

President and National Director Crystle Stewart won the title of Miss Texas USA, but she prides herself on more than just “winning” a crown. She values the life skills she and every contestant gain through training and take with them beyond the stage.

Mrs. Stewart is passionate about sharing every woman’s journey and what it takes to accomplish their goals. Her own journey has demonstrated the same resilience and courage she preaches, as she learned to thrive even through the toughest of times. After her fifth attempt, she won the crown, became a spokesperson for breast and ovarian cancer prevention awareness after finding a benign lump, and founded MISS Academy, the very FIRST pageantry school of its kind!

SeneGence and Miss USA

At SeneGence, we also know all about the struggle and the joy that comes from doing the hard work and celebrating the success while Choosing to Live Life in Love and Abundance through careers that really work from selling innovative products that really work!

SeneGence and the Miss USA organization partnership campaign will include exclusivity for cosmetics, television coverage (i.e., SeneGence commercials, backstage LipSense® lounge, SeneGence cosmetics used on contestants and talent), Miss USA and Miss Teen USA custom LipSense collection, giveaways, and more.

Learn more about our partnership on our podcast, Billion Dollar Lips and follow all the action with #SashesandSeneGence.

Are you a Crown Princesses or Above Distributor with SeneGence? If you are, don’t forget to register for Leaders Conference to hear valuable insight from our keynote speakers Crystle Stewart and Judi Holler! Want to attend amazing SeneGence events and Choose to Live Life in Love and Abundance all by starting a business of your own? Become a SeneGence Distributor today!

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