Your two overlooked skin care essentials to help improve your anti-aging routine

Two Overlooked Skin Care Essentials

Looking to improve your anti-aging routine? Vitamin C and collagen are two must-have ingredients you should reach for on a regular basis! From a glowing complexion to reduced signs of aging, here’s an overview of how these youth boosters can transform your skin for the better.

Benefits of Vitamin C 

You’re probably aware that vitamin C can be found in citrus fruits, but did you know that it has endless beauty perks? In addition to offering antioxidant benefits, it brightens and hydrates your skin, helps to even out your complexion, and diminishes signs of aging.  

Benefits of Collagen   

collagen skin care

The word “collagen” comes from the Greek word “kola,” which means glue. The medical community often refers to collagen as the glue that holds your body together. It’s the most abundant protein in skin, comprising 75-80% of your skin’s surface. 

Adding collagen into your skin care routine is essential to counteract the effects of aging. After age 25, humans lose more collagen than their bodies produce. This causes the skin to wrinkle and sag. Using anti-aging products made with collagen helps the appearance of skin’s firmness and smoothness.  

Vitamin C and Collagen Must-Have’s  

Get your skin care shopping list ready! You’ll want these products to get your vitamin C and collagen fix.   

Brightening Multi-Vitamin Treatment.

Signs of dark spots and discoloration are no match for this powerful formula. It contains two forms of stabilized vitamin C to help brighten and even skin tone. Bye, dark spots!   

skin brightening vitamin c treatment

Collagen Night Pak. 

Let this breakthrough treatment go to work while you sleep! It acts as a protective veil to help seal in moisture, preventing signs of dryness from occurring. It uses plant-based marine collagen for younger-looking skin, and is also made with caffeine and SenePlex+®. 

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This highly effective formula hydrates and helps protect your skin for a brighter, firmer-looking, more youthful appearance. Hydrating C-Pearls™ freshly deliver tetrahexydecyl ascorbate, an advanced form of stabilized vitamin C, to help extend the formula’s potency. Perfect for all skin types, it’s lightweight enough to be used day or night. 

Reap the rewards of more firm, hydrated skin and reduce signs of aging when you start using vitamin C and collagen daily! 

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  1. Absolutely LOVE SeneSerum C…. And can’t wait for New Zealand to get the Collagen Night Pack, I honestly think it’s all that’s missing from my nighttime routine …. Hopefully soon!

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