7 Tips to Turn your Social Media Presence into a Thriving Business Platform.

You may notice that using social media has been good for business, but maybe you’re looking for better results – that’s where following social media best practices come in.

Whether you’re looking for additional cash for your family vacations or need to create a reliable source of income, social media can help! We have broken down the why and how to use social media to support your business.

Why is Social Media Important for your Business?

It’s essential to know how social media works as a business tool in order to use it as an effective platform. The more insight you have and the more organized you can be, the better!

The goal of social media is to think of creative ways to stand out as an individual, attract Customers, and eventually boost sales. So how is this done?  

Communication. Connection. Community.

Communication is everything when it comes to building a relationship with your Customers. Social media has revolutionized the way we stay connected to one another and a part of creating a community.

Use social media with purpose to get to know your Customers, create a dialogue, and connect with them! This will lead to a long-term Customer relationship and growth.

How to Make the Most Out of Using Social Media for Your Business

7 Tips from Social Media Experts

  1. Consistency is the #1 tip from big brands, influencers, and social media gurus. Do not let your voice get lost in the sea of content! Anyone successful on social media knows that the key is to stay relevant and fresh in their audiences’ minds. Post content at least once a day, however, different platforms will require more.
  2. Set goals in alignment with your vision. Suppose your goal is to build awareness. Plan content that encourages followers to share promotions or educational content to reach new Customers. Content calendars such as Hootesuite and Sprout Social are helpful tools for reaching your goals.
  3. Social listeningForbes and many other experts have recognized that social media has turned the tables in business where Customers have the final say. Take a poll or ask questions to create an open discussion to find out what your Customers like and do not like, then adjust accordingly.
  4. Always respond. Remember, this is all about relationship building. Never leave comments unanswered. Follow up with questions, engage, and connect.
  5. Be authentic. Speak your mind. This is what sets you apart and sparks that connection with others who share your values.
  6. Change up content. Keep your followers up to date on trends and new products. No one wants to keep seeing the same lip colors and eye shadows. Exercise creativity, take some time to play, and have fun!
    Types of Content
    • Educational, Informative, and Credible.
      • Show off those results! Your Customers want to see that the products really work and that you believe in them.
    • Inspirational.
      • Create a time-lapse video or go live with SeneDemo Live as your audience watches you try the newest ShadowSense® and LipSense®  colors.
    • Personal.
      • Getting personal is one way to cut through the wall of technology and feel connected to your followers. Post a story sharing your joy alongside the difficult times.  
    • Intriguing.
      • Promo teasers, aesthetic product display photos, or hilarious videos that show off your personality and unique brand are all great ways to keep your Customers wanting more!
  7. Master the platform. Each social media channel has its own set of rules. Whichever platform you decide to use, spend time researching what makes it successful. If you’re doing makeup tutorials on YouTube, learn how to edit videos correctly to captivate your audience. With Instagram, take advantage of the live video and story features to communicate with your audience in real-time.

Now you have the foundation to build your own social media empire!

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