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It’s time to tune in! Our biweekly show, Billion Dollar Lips, has been taking social media by storm, and you need to check it out. Whether you’re pressing play for the first time, watching live on Facebook, or binging past episodes, here’s why you need to join us for an episode of Billion Dollar Lips.

What is Billion Dollar Lips?

Billion Dollar Lips is more than just a talk show! It’s the perfect place to get up to speed on all things SeneGence®, from the newest products and innovations to can’t-miss company updates. Our executive team sits down with big names in beauty, direct selling experts, inspiring thought leaders and more, to give you a bird’s eye view of what’s to come, both from SeneGence and from the industry. It’s just what you need to get through the week!

Why Should You Watch?

You’ll Learn More About SeneGence

With our executive team at the forefront of each episode, Billion Dollar Lips has featured company updates, deep dives into our nonprofit, The Make Sense Foundation®, and informative chats with our international teams. The show is quickly becoming your one-stop broadcast for the SeneGence news you don’t want to miss. It’s almost like we’re sharing our secrets with you!

You’ll Get an Insider’s View of the Beauty Industry

Maybe you’re thinking more about the bigger picture. How does SeneGence fit into the beauty industry as a whole? What are we doing to keep up with a market that moves at a faster pace than we realize? We’ve sat down with panels of top beauty editors to discuss that very concept! We also feature some of our incredible Independent Distributors showcasing product faves, new and old. You’ll learn how our products stay on trend to keep you looking and feeling your best!

You’ll Partake in Giveaways, Raffles, and More!

What’s a SeneGence Facebook show without something exciting to keep you on the edge of your seat? Every episode of Billion Dollar Lips features fun giveaways with multiple chances to win. Five winners are chosen at random per broadcast to receive a prize, which could be anything from anti-aging skin care products you’ll love to long-lasting cosmetics you didn’t know you needed. We like to keep things fun and engaging, so don’t be afraid to bring a friend when you tune in to keep the party going!  

Where to Watch

New episodes of Billion Dollar Lips are taking off every other Wednesday on our Facebook Page. Make sure to watch, share, and participate in all the fun!

Want to catch up on past episodes? Check out the complete Billion Dollar Lips playlist on our YouTube channel.

See something you love on an episode of Billion Dollar Lips? Grab it through the Kiss & Tell Preferred Customer Program. For just $10 USD per year, you’ll enjoy 10% off, a free sample, and a free Beauty Book with every product purchase. It’s the perfect way to save on all your faves! Sign up today!

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  1. Love learning about Senegence! It is the first and only makeup line that has made me feel wonderful ❤️

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