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From blending to cleanup, here’s how to create the most timeless eye look of all: the smoky eye.

Smoky eyes are like the little black dresses of makeup; they’re classic and easy to dress up or down. From Old Hollywood to the red carpets of 2021, smoky eyes have definitely stood the test of time. Plus, they happen to be our go-to for events!

However, mastering this effortless-but-not eye look can be a little bit of a challenge. How smoky is too smoky? How can you apply the shadows without looking like a raccoon? Fear not! We are here to help you achieve this makeup masterpiece. Perfect for date nights, Happy Hour, and beyond!

1. Start off slow.

One of our favorite things about ShadowSense® is how pigmented the shades are. Each shade is incredibly rich, making an impeccable smoky eye easier than ever. These colors build like no other, which brings us to our first tip.

Don’t be afraid to build up the color! Going in with too much can result in blending issues later. Use less ShadowSense than you think you need and work slowly. You can’t rush perfection, right? Start off with a neutral base shade and go from there.

2. Blend, blend, blend!

Many beauty gurus have expressed the importance of blending, and we’re hopping on the train. The key to beautifully smoky eyeshadow looks is blended shades. Blending your eyeshadow helps the colors appear smoother and keeps the look from leaning too messy.

Investing in quality brushes makes the blending process simple. Choosing synthetic fibers helps you work with your eyeshadow of choice, not against it. Just make sure to snag a blending brush and several different sized shader brushes for ease of application.

3. Use multiple shades

When you picture a smoky eye, what color comes to mind? If you’re like most people, you think of black eyeshadow. While we love a good black shade, like Onyx ShadowSense, we also don’t mind adding a little warmth to our eye looks. Try experimenting with hues like Rustic Brown ShadowSense or Moca Java ShadowSense for a little dimension.

The same principle applies when creating colorful smoky eyes. The coolest part of a good smoky eye is that gorgeous gradient, so be sure to grab hues the same color family. Or, if you’re feeling extra bold, choose contrasting shades for an edgy look.

4. Clean up after yourself

We’re all guilty of coloring outside the lines, and it can be easy when working with deep eyeshadow shades. If you notice that your smoky eye is a little too smoky or extends too far past your eye area, grab a Fooops!™ Color Removing Wipe to clean up the edges.

Maybe you want a super precise, winged look. Take a little bit of Fooops! Dual Phase Color Remover on a cotton swab and run it along the edges of your eye look.

Your new go-to eyeshadow look has arrived. Master a stunning smoky eye with these tips!

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  1. What are the SeneGence colors that are a neutral base shades -I have sandstone pearl and I think it is too yellow on my skin?

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