Today, we’re hanging out with Roxanne Martynowski, SeneGence Crown Princess and creator of Roxstar LipSense®. Read along as she takes us through her journey with SeneGence!

Hi SeneSisters! I’m Roxanne, a Ruby Crown Princess out of San Diego, California and the creator of Roxstar!

Last year, the craziest, most wonderful thing happened to me! I was chosen to Make It Mine and create my own LipSense color! After wearing LipSense myself for over 8 years, this amazing recognition felt like a dream. I screamed, danced and jumped, scared my neighbors, and my friend even caught it all on video. What a RUSH!!! Since so many of you have asked me about the Make It Mine process and what inspired my color, I wanted to share my story!

First, I’m a fun-loving mama of two beautiful kiddos and a wife to the best and most supportive man that ever lived. I love summer, the water, good drinks, and food with my hubs and girlfriends, and am a self-proclaimed workaholic who is obsessed with her SeneGence business and her team.

Despite great success in my previous corporate career, I found a greater purpose in SeneGence, the opportunity to help so many women, and the choice it allowed for me and my family. These women – both on my team and across our SeneSisterhood – inspire me daily. They make me better. To see their confidence grow, their businesses explode, their lives forever changed, and their relationships to each other – it’s the best gift. SeneGence is for every woman. And, every woman can become better because of it.

I wanted to create a color to encompass that. I wanted to create a bold yet wearable everyday color for the everyday woman. SeneGence Product Development had me send swatches, Pinterest boards, and photos for inspiration. Then, they sent me testers in sets of three to tweak and analyze. After three rounds of tweaks, I found it: a color for all skin tones and ages that was creamy, dreamy, wearable yet bold, and easy to apply.

Roxstar was inspired by the women in my life who pursue their passions, stay up late to grind, get back up when they fall down, and BELIEVE that it’s never too late to become a Roxstar! I see this in all of you. I see this in SeneGence.

When Roxstar was unveiled at Seminar, in a room of 33 of my teammates, I felt this overwhelming sense of pride. I remember looking around the room at all these very different women who would have never met if it wasn’t for this incredible business. Because of SeneGence, they are business partners, friends, mentors, partners, and sisters. I watched them hug and celebrate each other all weekend, and I was overwhelmed by their growth, grit, and grace.

I know it sounds cheesy, but Roxstar feels like symbolism for my entire SeneGence journey.  It has been over three years of hard work, never giving up, working with my sisters, and believing in myself. Hopefully, the meaning of Roxstar inspires to believe in yourself, too!

6 Replies to “Becoming a Roxstar”

  1. RoxStar is an unbelievably perfect everyday for everyone color !! I have had favorite colors and some I thought couldn’t be topped -until RoxStar was born !! I’m loving this color daily with whatever I’m wearing that day -often asking myself will I ever wear one of the other 99 colors I have 🤔! I also am inspired by the message behind it !! Roxanne you truly Are a ROCKSTAR!! Congrats girl!! Wishing you many more successes !!

  2. This is so amazing and so inspiring I am a new distributor with the company I am a huge fan of the products and the company itself and I am so happy to be part of the team and I hope to learn and grow just like you are with each day forth.

  3. So proud to be part of Senegence and Roxanne’s downline! So proud of her and achievements! She truly represents Senegence!!

  4. I was honored to be with our team and Roxanne for her crowning and ROXSTAR release! She definitely inspires me to be a ROXSTAR!

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