Welcome! Visit often as Joni Rogers-Kante’, founder and CEO of SeneGence International shares business tips, stories from her travels and other thoughts. SeneGence is a company which develops and offers numerous products such as anti-aging skincare and cosmetics. The company is best known for LipSense, the lip color that stays on all day, and SeneSerum-C, the unprecendented anti-aging skin care product that provides stabilized vitamin C within its solution.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Joni…a pleasure to read your blog and website and congratulations on all of the success. Your business story is truly an inspiration. Hope to have an opportunity to meet you in the near future!

  2. Hello Joni I am a new Distributer, and I have traveled from Va. to Caifornia to visit the company, your story is a inspiration and a blessing, Im hoping to meet you while im here, but if not i hope to visit the company atleast, keep doing what your doing cause im on board to do great things in the company as well, You ROCK!!!
    Truly Conner

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