Morning Thoughts

Hello Lovelies,

I awoke this morning thinking of you (of course).

On my mind and in my grateful heart was appreciation and love for you and for our leaders who continue to lead with a fair hand, love, intelligence, and honor. I sat in a room filled with female CEOs these past few days and held my head high as I know we have always done – and will continue to take the “high road” in all matters as it pertains to our professional behavior within our industry while setting the standard for the good, ethical behavior of women in business and toward other companies and their people (of whom we shall not name in particular ).

With challenging days behind us, we’ve pulled through a period of growth most have not been able to endure; simultaneously, on top of that – we did so over the summer months, which are usually the slowest three months of the year. Still, with over 300% increases over the same months as last year applied to such large numbers – well, it’s just simply amazing, and you all did it with grace.

Despite the typically slower summer months, sales continue in a record-breaking, extremely robust, and consistent manner, and I know you are finally witnessing now – the normal course of business volume minus “panic-buying” of surplus stock. Every week, we continue to build existing inventories and add new shades/products to restore the selection to that of a complete line (about 90% at week’s end). Those in your downlines who have (or are in the process of building) a proper customer base are consistently placing and receiving orders on an “as-needed” basis without fear of out-of-stocks. Proper inventory-build techniques are, especially now, essential to understand. As we continue our product selection build, you will learn of new products/shades yet to be discussed and released – and which are all strategically planned to continue enhancing the business prosperity for you and your downlines.

With the close of August growing near, make sure to prepare for the fourth quarter – the largest quarter of the year. Kids are back to school, and vacations become a sweet memory; families return to normal schedules, and women in charge can turn more of their focus to ensure increased productivity within their existing (or new) business. Make sure your personal bookings are in order and your SeneSentials support training calendar has been completed and filled with trainings to support your power pockets and your own area trainings for the remaining calendar months of the year. The larger your fourth quarter is, the greater the number of newbies that will join your downline (along with their new customers) and the larger your numbers will roll into the 1st quarter of the New Year 2018.

I am oh-so-proud of you, and my heart is full. I pray many blessings and God’s speed for each and every one of you and your families.

One thought on “Morning Thoughts

  1. You are such a wise woman and truly have a heart of gold. I am proud to be part of the SeneGence family and am constantly moved, motivated and honored to be part of the team helping bring your vision of not just providing exceptional products that last BUT make a difference in the lives of countless families.

    Thank you for your steadfast leadership, vision, and unwavering dedication to helping others live their lives in abundance. You’re truly an incredibly commendable woman, and I can’t wait for the opportunity to meet you in person! Huggles! XO

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