Lessons Learned Over The Years

Hello, Lovelies!

Upon reflecting on how far we’ve come (thanks to our gorgeous Distributors), I wanted to share a little background and a few lessons I have learned over the years. I hope you can glean from them, too.

Most would describe the early years of SeneGence as tumultuous, a real whirlwind. I held fast to my faith and often thought back to the days working alongside my stepfather, readying a store for a grand opening. The lessons I learned from him and Grandpa have played a large role in our success with SeneGence.

My stepfather, whom I refer to as “Dad Jerry,” is one of the great influences on the way I view business and life. He was the Senior VP of Merchandising at Sav-On and often allowed me to shadow him, absorbing every bit of information and knowledge I could. One of the most important things Dad taught me was the importance of hard work, and that we become what we think. Dad inspired me in so many ways; he taught me early on to direct resources to the benefit of others and success will follow.

Dad Jerry focused his career on delivering value to consumers for a fair return to his employer. It is a little-known fact that my Dad was instrumental in creating the widely popular program of purchasing less expensive generic drugs from pharmacies. He devoted a great deal of time researching and working out the complexities of offering off-brand drugs that perform in the same way as major brands. This program was implemented throughout the company and eventually adopted widely at pharmacies across the nation. This is only one of the many beneficial practices Dad helped to implement for the benefit of others, all of which helped define in me a desire to develop beauty products that really work. Always prioritize benefitting others.

My Grandpa taught me that fear is relevant to the potential for harm, but you can protect yourself against just about anything if you understand what the danger may be, anticipate it, and prepare yourself. This lesson helped me handle many challenges and gave me the confidence to tackle obstacles that came my way. I understood from a young age that, when confronting any puzzle, I was to learn from it in preparation for the next. I was always to trust my inner voice and work toward the solutions needed, regardless of how hard it may seem to be. The confidence that comes from this trust has been one of the many great blessings in my life. It’s allowed me to accomplish what I’ve been sent here to do. Understanding the role of fear and knowing how to prepare yourself is key.

And so, in the early years of SeneGence, I held fast to my faith and the lessons learned in my youth. I am so pleased to share knowledge with you now and hope it benefits you, too. The foundation of our success is you, our wonderful Distributors. You are dynamic and brilliant, beautiful inside and out, and your friendship makes life a joy for me and my family.

3 thoughts on “Lessons Learned Over The Years

  1. I want to thank you for coming ( as a surprise) to our training in Grand Rapids yesterday. My daughter, Katie Krause , certainly kept your secret!!! I am so proud as a 67 year old to be a ‘part’ of your company. I was like a sponge yesterday as you spoke.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I’ll see you in April in Tulsa.
    Pam Roach

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