Web Improvements, Additions and Preparations at SeneGence!

Welcome to a new, exciting season with SeneGence. With Halloween just around the corner, the winter holiday season is at our doorstep in the US. The time is right to plan for success within your business. What do you dream about accomplishing this season? An increased commission check for your family, earning the SeneStar trip to Cabo San Lucas and treating your significant other or family member to a first-class vacation, or perhaps qualifying for your very own SeneCar? If you dream it, you can do it with SeneGence. After all, “A Goal is a Dream with a Deadline.”

The possibilities are limitless, but you must envision your achievements now, and set your sales and sponsoring plans to see them through over the next few months, the largest two quarters of our Seminar Year. October is the time to resolve to finish out your 2016 year strong with the holiday selling season, followed by moving into success during the first “New Year’ quarter of 2017.

Here are some exciting improvements and additions SeneGence has made this month, to give you the tools you need to succeed:

New website– you may have noticed that SeneGence.com has received a complete overhaul in design, with a beautiful new look, better functionality, and ability to be easily navigated on mobile phones! The public website is a great resource to you for finding out and sharing product and program information, signing up new Distributors, and more. Most often, the solutions to your problems and answers to your questions can be found on the public site and in your Distributor Back Office. Invest a few minutes and get to know the new site.


• New SeneService Email program- starting this month, the SeneService email that goes to you and your Customers will have a completely new, modern design that is enjoyable and fun to read, and can be easily viewed on a mobile phones. This new design also comes with more tools for you, the Distributor, to receive information in a Dashboard that will help you follow up with those who open your email. We will notify you as soon as you are able to use the dashboard. The best part? SeneService is FREE to all Distributors- input your Customers in your Back Office.

• New SeneDerm Solutions Facial Resurfacer- for those of you who love and miss the old formula Polishing Exfoliator, you are going to love the brand new Facial Resurfacer! It is a more powerful buffer with larger grains of Vanuatu Volcanic Ash. I know you are going to love adding this product to your skin care regimen.


• Exciting Planning for PIT Stop Glam It Up!- PIT Stop is an opportunity for every Maiden and above to receive advanced business training with a focus on professional SenseCosmetics application. Enjoy two days of training, networking and hands-on SenseCosmetics application this January with Lead SeneGence MUAs. Register in your Back Office now!


With the upcoming Halloween holiday in mind, conceptualize creative ways to market your business and offer long-lasting SenseCosmetics and the SeneGence Career Opportunity. Keep your eyes peeled for this month’s SeneService email (in the brand new, mobile friendly design!), as it will contain several Halloween glamour looks your Customers will love. Experiment with some Halloween looks on yourself, snap a picture, and share on your Facebook or Instagram page, with a caption such as, “Contact me to get a spooky SeneBlends makeover for your Halloween bash. Best part? Your frightfully gorgeous look will last all night long, without smudging or running, and will simultaneously provide anti-aging benefits to your skin!” The power of picture sharing on social media is undeniable. Post a great Halloween look and watch as you get “likes,” “shares,” and message requests to set up appointments. Be sure to also hand out Career Opportunity Brochures and Beauty Books to all of the adults who accompany their Trick-or-Treaters this Halloween. A sweet treat for the children, and a life-changing career opportunity for the parent!



Have a wonderful and prosperous October, and as always, choose to live life in love and abundance…then work for it!

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