Jumping into a Successful New Season

Hello Lovelies!

We are past the half-way mark of our 2nd quarter here at SeneGence, and what a successful and exciting one it has been so far! SeneGence continues to break records as we welcome many new Distributors to our company daily, and our Royal Court continues to expand. Each morning, I beam with pride when I see all the new Royal Court rank increases (in all countries) and the congratulations and excitement that follow on Facebook. Our culture of providing empowerment for each other only continues to grow as the company does, and nothing could make me more proud than to witness this amazing SeneSynergy flourish. We have also welcomed many new Crown Princesses this quarter, who achieved their $1 million dollar teams- many in just a few months since joining! Congratulations to you- I know the hard work and determination that went into this achievement. To all who have reached their goals or are on-track to doing so- you set a wonderful example and are inspiration for all women to see what’s possible when they decide to succeed with SeneGence.

As we wind down one season and move into the busy holiday season, be prepared for exciting opportunities to grow your SeneGence business!

Fall fb Cover Photo - distributors

In the US, Schedules will be changing with children going back to school, and parents will be looking for ways to add flexibility to their schedules and opportunities for additional income. This is a fantastic time to offer SeneGence products that really work to parents at your children’s school, and the Career Opportunity to new coaches, teachers, or anyone interested in additional income and great products at a discount. Maximize your Demo opportunities by inviting teachers and moms to be Hostesses. Make sure to also give them the opportunity to take advantage of the Partner For Profits program, which allows your Customers to share SeneGence products with others, take orders, and share the profits with you! This is a fantastic idea for parents looking to raise money for their child’s sports team or class trips. And, once they see how easy it is to share products that really work with others, they will be eager to sign up as a Distributor on your team and reap the benefits of our generous compensation plan.


Autumn is my favorite time of the year here in North America – I always look forward to feeling the chill in the air, seeing the trees and plants change to gold and crimson, and spending precious time with my family and friends. Get into the autumn spirit by filling your booking calendar with fall-themed Demos and SeneBlends makeovers. Send out invitations now for your Halloween Demo, as calendars will begin to book up fast with all of the school and community happenings during this busy holiday. Keep it simple- offer a refreshment, discuss how SeneDerm SkinCare will protect skin during the drying months ahead, and reveal the top on-trend SenseCosmetics colors for the coming season. As Halloween gets nearer, start to also fill your calendar with one-on-one SeneBlends makeovers to create long-lasting costume looks for your Customers going to Halloween parties. Our wide variety of colors makes it easy to match or create by blending any color your Customer needs for her costume!

halloween superhero collage

Blackberry Halloween


For my Australian Lovelies, Spring is just around the corner, which means more outdoor and social activities! Take advantage of every opportunity to talk about SeneGence. As you are out and about, WOW at the parks, school drop off & pick up, shopping malls, and on your spring holiday.

Spring FB Cover Photo - distributors

I wish each of you a fruitful and productive close to the season. Let’s continue on our path to achieving our goals and look forward to the exciting months ahead. Make sure you are qualified to attend and register for Leaders Conference- it is right around the corner and cannot be missed for those motivated to grow and succeed!

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Choose to live life in love and abundance… then work for it!