Silpada Sisters in Need of Support

Dear SeneGence Field Leaders and Distributors,

It is with sadness we learn one of the Direct Sales Industry’s long time members, Silpada Designs, is closing its doors as of July 31, 2016. I would like to address this event as many of you have already contacted me with questions and concerns.

From Silpada Designs news and web release:

Silpada’s Vice President of Marketing, Andrea Carroll, says “independent representatives will have through July 31st to sell Silpada jewelry and earn commissions (throughout the US and Canada) …While we are deeply saddened, we are indescribably proud of the impact our employees and Silpada representatives have had on others. We have had the privilege of meeting such incredible people over the past 19 years that have turned from acquaintances, to friends, to family and we wish nothing but the best for our employees, Representatives, and their families as they look to the future,” said Carroll.

My heart goes out to founders Jerry and Bonnie Kelly and Teresa Walsh and their committed Silpada employees who I am sure daily served thousands and thousands of Silpada Representatives and their families, helping them in immeasurable ways throughout the years. I think of the lives that were of benefit from this company‘s existence, from vendors who supplied the company with needed goods and services, to the last child born of their newest Representative. I think of the bills that were paid, mortgages made possible, college degrees earned, irreplaceable memories experienced and communities enriched – all due to an amazing collection of committed souls who successfully supported one another throughout the years. I speak on behalf of the entire SeneGence Family, our Employees, Distributors, and extended community members when I say thank you for your service and commitment to our industry over the years.

To you, my beloved SeneGence Distributors: since this news has broken, your calls, e-mails, and texts have resonated sadness in your hearts for the Silpada Representatives, especially as this news comes so close to summer vacations …. and I hear a little bit of uncertainty in the stability of the industry’s future.

First, let’s talk about the Silpada Representatives. Soon, regardless of rank and income level, thousands will be left without their previous Silpada income and with very little notice to prepare for where to go next. Many may begin to sell off their inventory and begin to look for a new home-based business immediately. Some may simply be looking for a new place to call their direct sales ‘home and community’. Let’s work together to show how we are all part of one big family in this industry and especially how SeneGence Distributors care.  If you personally know a Silpada Representative, I encourage you to immediately support them in any way you can so they can begin earning income again as soon as possible. This may mean volunteering to host a ‘jewelry party’ for them to sell through their inventory or it may mean inviting them to join you in your SeneGence business as a new Distributor. Regardless, please be mindful and sensitive of how each may be feeling with the knowledge their income is soon short lived.  The uncertainty of how they might transition to create another new avenue of income for their families can be, for many, quite ominous. When they join you, individually or as a group (with a downline) call Leslie or I as soon as possible so we can help you properly guide them. We can work together to guide your new leader through the steps to realign her downline within SeneGence so that she immediately replaces (or exceeds) her previous income earned.  If we work together, she’ll soon become a happy SeneSister, eliminating any anxiety of the future – I assure you.

Secondly let’s talk about your future – our future together. The future of SeneGence has never been brighter or bigger. We are committed to our core values of family, stability and security, enrichment, and constant improvement of all facets of business. Most importantly, we are continuing to build on a strong foundation that will last for many generations to come. We have been busy for the last couple of years building a critical infrastructure for growth, better service, additional Distributor support tools, and customer service programs, and now engaging in a massive inventory build to support future increased sales. We are constantly reformulating our products with additional ingredients and new technologies to maintain the highest performing products in the industry …making it simpler to sell SeneGence products and multiply your income. We are improving product packaging and marketing. We have expanded our reach to now 16 countries and working at enhancing and strengthening the branding of our products in each, with the goal of becoming a global brand with the greatest amount of successful business women in the world –  including you. However, it is extremely important to me that we remain conservative in our approach to business expansion in order  to ensure stability, security, and longevity for each of our families. As we continue to grow by quadruple digits here and up to 400% per year in our foreign markets, this strategy proves to be working. I do this for you and your family as much as I do it for my own.

Remember who we are:
Women Making Long Lasting Beauty Possible

and what we stand for:

Products and a Career that Really Work. Let’s keep it going by…

Choosing to live life in love and abundance…and then working for it.

Love,  Joni



What will YOU accomplish this Seminar Year?

Hello Lovelies! I can hardly believe it is already the second month of our new Seminar Year- time flies when you are having fun and pushing for your goals, doesn’t it? I happily celebrate each and every one of your successes, as SeneGence experiences month after month of record-breaking growth. I hope you continue to be filled with a renewed sense of inspiration and motivation for your SeneGence business, after the excitement from Seminar. As we all look forward to a new season (summer is just around the corner here in the US!), SeneGence Distributors can take advantage of abundant opportunities for success with many fabulous new programs introduced for the new 2016-2017 Seminar year, such as:

• Make It Mine Contest:make it mine collage

This is your chance to create and name your very own LipSense color! If you’ve dreamt of your perfect signature shade, you can see it come true by earning entries with your sales and sponsoring efforts. Congratulations to US Distributor Anna Schweitzer, and AU Distributor Lina Roth who were our April winners. I can’t wait to see you winning in May and June! Anna Schweitzer Lina Roth

• SeneStar Cabo San Lucas Trip and LIPS Bahamas Trip:cabo dreams

Qualify to join me for these trips of a lifetime! Vacation like the Royalty you are, and have the chance to get to know other top SeneGence leaders in a tropical paradise setting.

When you push for these goals, not only will you (and your family) enjoy the concrete prizes that come with achieving them, but your business will also simultaneously grow, resulting in long-term success. You’ll be building your Downline and Customer base and increasing your sales. These programs were designed to allow you to maximize your business efforts and be rewarded in the most generous way possible. SeneGence offers you many various opportunities to improve, succeed, and earn. Together, let’s work to achieve your goals, large and small as it all plays into the overall continued growth and success of SeneGence, and enjoy the benefits along the way!

As we move confidently into another successful, record-breaking season, organize your business goals and take active steps to reaching them. Now is the time to plan your seasonal Demos, Open Houses, and SeneBlends Makeovers. There are so many opportunities that a new season presents to grow your business! Take advantage of summer activities like weddings, graduations, traveling, summer BBQs and more to WOW and gather new contacts. Australian Lovelies can plan fun winter activities like Hot Cocoa and LipSense Demos and Winter Skin Care SeneBlends. Carry an on-the-go tester kit wherever your day takes you, stocked with your most popular LipSense shades, applicators, SeneDerm samples and business cards. You’ll be ready to seize the opportunities that come your way during this social time of year.

Just as you must “water” your flowers to see them bloom abundantly, so must you tend to your business to see it pay off later in the year. Invest in your business and make it a priority to attend PIT Stop in July to vastly improve your business marketing and social media knowledge. Our agenda is jam-packed with social media, marketing and business topicsthere will be incredible events both in my home state of Oklahoma and in the beautiful city of Brisbane, Australia!

And remember, always choose to live life in love and abundance…then work for it!

Love, Joni