Crown Princess Retreat 2016- All Aboard!

Hello my Lovelies! I would like to share with you the amazing trip I took earlier this month with over 50 Leader Distributors for the Crown Princess Retreat 2016. Attendees for the Crown Princess Retreat are chosen based on the most qualified Countesses and above in the SeneGence Royal Court. They are the most influential Distributors in SeneGence, helping to guide and lead their teams to success. This year, I had the pleasure of boarding a Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship and spending 4 wonderful days at sea and in Cozumel, Mexico with these inspiring women!



We enjoyed two productive days of training together on a variety of leadership topics like sponsoring and follow-up, leadership challenges, creating schedules and goal setting. We also took some time to identify new and upcoming power pockets in regions all over the US and beyond. And of course, shared our tips for success and what we are utmost thankful for with one another – a true bonding opportunity!

Leaders training, sharing and networking



Evenings included gourmet meals with engaging conversation between Distributors, both seasoned and new, along with our Corporate staff hosts, including myself, Leslie Boyd-Bradley, Kirsten Aguilar, Carmen Holladay and Ashton Currie.


A fun Saturday in port of call Cozumel created new adventures for all, from exploring the ancient Mayan city of Tulum and its famous ruins, to snorkeling and shopping adventures, to relaxing poolside and enjoying the warm rays of the sun (of course while protecting skin with DayTime Moisturizer and MakeSense Foundation!)

My sister, Millie, and I at the Mayan ruins


Distributors having fun poolside!


My lovelies were ever-present on the grand ship of thousands; for everywhere I turned I could see a Distributor introducing our products and career opportunity to a new woman she met. And of course, all were WOWed! A big Thank You to Sharon & Jada for the “CP Retreat” jerseys they gifted each attendee. It was fun to wear together and made our beautiful group even more noticeable.


I have no doubt I will continue to witness future success and great growth in business coming to each and every one of my Lovelies who were at sea with me. The CP Retreat gave them some invaluable training to take back to their teams to support their growth and prepare for Seminar this coming April!

I can’t wait to see all of your beautiful faces next month in Anaheim, CA for Seminar “Crowning Achievements!” It’s going to be an event to forever remember.

Until next time, remember to choose to live life in love and abundance…then work for it!

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