Adventures in Vanuatu

Hello Lovelies! I’m excited to tell you about the incredible trip to Vanuatu I took last month with my husband, Ben, and our sons, Alan and William. We spent two weeks immersed in its tropical beauty. Surrounded by exotic plants, flowers, and landscapes, I was continually filled with inspiration for the future of SeneGence and our products.  Take a glimpse of the stunning natural beauty of Vanuatu (though pictures don’t fully do it justice!).

Pristine Beaches
Lush plants and flowers abound in Vanuatu, such as this white orchid
Gorgeous native Vanuatuan children

This string of islands in the south pacific is so important to the history, and future, of SeneGence. I first travelled to Vanuatu 15 years ago, and discovered its rich bounty of unique plants, flowers, and minerals unlike any others in the world. Since then, SeneGence has been lucky to source from there many natural ingredients that are essential to the formulations of SeneDerm SkinCare. My discovery of Vanuatu Volcanic Ash and its incredible exfoliating and skin restorative properties is what inspired the creation of several SeneDerm products. The natural floral and plant extracts are also present in many products, and are a big reason why SeneDerm SkinCare really works to transform skin (and always will!).

Joni in Vanuatu
Me, collecting Volcanic Ash samples from Mt. Yasur 15 years ago
William, Alan and I collecting Volcanic Ash samples from Mt. Yasur last month
Natural extract from orchids like these is one of the many beneficial ingredients in SeneDerm SkinCare and SenseCosmetics
Taking samples of sea kelp and algae

For Ben and I, travelling back to Vanuatu really felt like coming full circle, back to the source of it all. This time, we were able to share the experience with our two sons. We showed them the beauty of the island and its natural resources, spending time getting familiar with the plants and minerals and appreciating the wonderful beauty of this special place.

William feeling the texture of the Volcanic sand and Alan capturing photos
William loved learning about the different plants and flowers and how they are good for skin
Here I am talking to Alan about the geography of the island
On an night-time excursion up the volcano at Mt. Yasur
William with the son of our guide

We spent much time capturing film and video footage of our stunning surroundings. Alan even piloted a drone, which we flew into the volcano, Mt. Yasur to capture footage of the inside. I cannot wait to use the footage in future video and print pieces, to show you the source of our high-quality, unique ingredients.

Alan piloting the drone with the tablet
The hike up Mt. Yasur to gather Volcanic ash and sand
Gazing out at the vast landscape

SeneGence will continue to treasure and utilize ingredients and work hand-in-hand with the native people of Vanuatu as we move forward with the creation of new, ground-breaking skin care technology and discover more beneficial, natural ingredients to include. You can be confident in knowing that SeneGence will always hold the quality, uniqueness, and effectiveness of our products as the top priority. I can’t wait to show you the fruits of our trip to Vanuatu in the months ahead; I think you are really going to be WOW-ed J

On behalf of everyone at SeneGence, I wish  you warmest wishes and a very Merry Christmas to you and your family.

christmas holiday card 2015

Until next time my lovelies, choose to live life in love and abundance…then work for it!


2 thoughts on “Adventures in Vanuatu

  1. Vanuatu is an amazing Country, Mt Yasur is on my to do list. We (my husband & son) are frequent travellers to Vanuatu. We went last year, and we are going again this year, the only difference this year is I am now a Senegence Distributor from Australia. I am more excited now to explore their flora and how it has become a part of the Senegence range.

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