A Drive, a Zip, and a Makeover!


Meet Lera! While here in Vanuatu, Ben wanted us to visit a cave in the rain forest where head hunters took their ‘meals.’  There was a long drive to find the 16 section zip line through the forest. After climbing stairs as high as a Mountain in full rigs, and looking down from the top, our son William decides he DOES NOT want to make the journey down via zip line! (like, why couldn’t that have been decided BEFORE the climb!) Of course, mom (me), was elected to descend the stairs and wait at the bottom with William to await everyone’s return.

At the bottom in a hut was Lera. Lera spoke a little English… and it was her job to serve refreshments for returning visitors from the cave. I noted she watched me with a keen eye as I powdered my face with Translucid Powder… dripping wet from the climb. Lera had no makeup on. I grabbed my SeneCouture zip makeup bag and headed toward her. She began to giggle when I told her it was make-over time, to pass the time. She told me she should wear makeup to be ‘more pretty,’ but she didn’t own any. I told her she was beautiful already…. but it was fun to play every now and then! Thankfully, I had packed my zipper bag with one set of yellow-based shades and one full set of blue-based shades (packing light this trip). They all fit in the zippers. Anyway, I used Moca Java ShadowSense mixed with Color Corrective Tinted Moisturizer for her foundation; Terra Cotta LinerSense with Beige Champagne LipSense; Toasted Rose BlushSense and Moca Java mixed for blush;  Moca Java for brows,  a dash of my mascara, and lined her eyes with Denim ShadowSense. She watched in the attached mirror as I applied. She was awed! Couldn’t stop looking at her transformation as she giggled and gasped at how pretty she thought she looked. She stated her husband “wouldn’t know what to do” …. Oh my!
Lera lived down the road, we (Lera, William and I) took a walk to her ‘home,’ which was made of tin and wood. She owns cows and a couple of horses, some very loud rooster and chickens, and has two beautiful teenage sons. I never entered the house… and to say the least, she was very fascinated with my phone, or maybe the gorgeous LipSense case (?). We sat for awhile looking at my photo stream while I explained to her the things she saw.

The journeyers returned. Lera served refreshments as we listened to their excited and fascinating marvelous tales…

When it was time to leave, Lera and I hugged. I handed her the makeup I used on her, along with the extra brushes I could spare. She gave me her address to write to her, which I will.

Our makeup bridges lives…. Women everywhere are the same: We want love, friendship, a connection and respect from one another… Our sisterhood extends around the world.💋

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