Fantastic Free Sign-Ups!

Hello Lovelies!

I am so excited for the incredible growth we’ve all been experiencing at SeneGence this Seminar Year, and I can confidently say that it has been even more exciting with FREE Distributor Sign-Ups in September! This is your time to turn your DREAMS into PLANS and fast-track your business goals by sponsoring others into the SeneGence Career (or by joining us as a Distributor this month). Some of the most successful SeneGence Leaders joined during Free Sign-Up month, so be sure to share this fantastic opportunity with everyone you meet. After all, free sign-up means that SeneGence has eliminated the $50 sign-up fee for the month, and thus has eliminated any financial hindrance a potential New Distributor might experience when deciding whether to join us, now it’s all about desire and a will to succeed without limitation. Trust me when I say there is nothing to be lost by joining SeneGence, but so much to gain.

US_SeneGence_September 2015 Free sign up facebook cover

When I think of the opportunity that comes with becoming a SeneGence Independent Distributor, the word that resonates with me is INDEPENDENT. SeneGence Distributors  run and operate their own business, they have the freedom to work the hours they choose and to earn the income they desire, tied directly to their efforts. They have the chance to make their passion their paycheck, earning income while “playing makeup” and teaching good skincare habits, using effective products that really work with their friends. They are able to break free from the restrictions of a corporate career and spend more time with their loved ones, and they are supported every step of the way on their journey to financial independence with training resources and personal support.  Only a few days remain to join us for free- the final day is September 30, 2015. If you are a Distributor, I encourage you to take advantage of each day to grow your team with wonderful new members. If you haven’t joined us as a Distributor yet, do so today, for free. You’ll be so glad you did 🙂

As always, choose to live life in love and abundance… then work for it!

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