Sizzling Summer Travels

Hello my Lovelies! It’s been a busy few weeks of traveling and meeting fantastic women all over the country, and I’d love to fill you in on the exciting happenings and impressive business-builders I’ve had the pleasure of meeting.

Earlier this month, my oldest son Alan and I flew to Dallas, Texas for the day to surprise all of the attendees at the Summer Sizzler training event, organized by Ruby Crown Princess Dawn Christian and Ruby Crown Princess Lisa Tippen-Morris. It was so wonderful meeting in person the inspiring women I’ve heard about from others and watched absolutely blossom in their SeneGence businesses over the past few months. I was thrilled to meet new Crown Princess Duo, Sharon & Jada! They are lovely ladies with fantastic business sense and the motivation and passion to take their business to the top.

joni sharon & jada

I was excited to meet new Crown Princess, Kimberly Massey too! She is also a wonderful and inspiring businesswoman and her rapid rise up the Royal Ranks has been a joy to watch.

joni and kimberly massey

I too was able to meet soon-to-be Crown Princess, Princess Jenny Hemingway, who equally impressed me with her drive and determination (pictured to the right of me below).

joni summer sizzler

I have so much admiration for all of our SeneGence Leaders, and am elated that SeneGence has been able to bless the lives of so many new Distributors, who truly understand what it means to live life in love and abundance, and work for it. Keep on growing and breaking records, ladies!

summer sizzler bbq

Shortly after my quick trip to Texas, my family and I took off for New York City, where we joined Crown Princess Lisa Tippen-Morris on her Bayou Beauty Queens incentive trip. We had the pleasure of sharing the trip with Lady Christi Farrar, Royal Jackie Bailey, and Countess Kathy Freeland. This trip was earned by Lisa’s Downlines members based on qualifications that Lisa set, and what a trip it was! We all had a fabulous time sight-seeing and exploring the sprawling metropolis that is NYC.

joni nyc 9

joni nyc 6

joni nyc 12

We also enjoyed some wonderful meals together, laughing and discussing life, family and the goals that we are going to reach together.

joni nyc 13

It was a pleasure spending time with these impressive business-builders. I treasure every opportunity I receive to get to know SeneGence Distributors better, and to hear about how they plan to use SeneGence for the betterment of themselves and their family.

The SeneGence career opportunity is truly unique, because it allows you to grow a successful business right alongside your friends, and even your family. A SeneGence business can become a legacy that you leave to your children and grandchildren- that can pass along down the generations. This idea of legacy and family bond is something that we at SeneGence find beautiful and compelling. For instance, new Crown Princess Duo, Sharon & Jada, are mother and daughter-in-law who work so beautifully together, and who are able to succeed and grow alongside each other in business, and experience the rewards of success together. Several of you are in business with your mother, aunt, daughter, or niece, and we would love to capture your special bond at a professional photo shoot at Leaders Conference 2015! The portraits of you and your loved one will be featured in the upcoming edition of the SeneScenes Annual Magazine to be released at Seminar 2016. Make it a goal to come to Leaders this October with your family member, and be professionally photographed and featured by SeneGence!

Leaders Conference logo like-mother-like-daughter

Next, Ben and I are off to Bologna, Italy for Cosmoprof Worldwide, the leading international event for professional beauty. We attend Cosmoprof to ensure that SeneGence continues to offer you the most cutting edge advanced products available today, and to do trend research for the hottest upcoming colors, packaging and more.


Until next time my Lovelies, continue to live life in love and abundance…then work for it!

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