Aloha! SeneStars in Hawaii

Hello my Lovelies, I am so excited to tell you all about the SeneStar trip to Hawaii that took place this month. I’m sure I say this after every trip, but it’s true: each SeneGence trip just gets better and better! Ben and I were accompanied by 29 guests to the “Big Island,” where we enjoyed amazing natural surroundings with wonderful company!


SeneStar attendees enjoyed beautiful accommodations at the Hilton Waikoloa Village, with breathtaking, breezy ocean views, soft sand beaches and glistening pools.

11402812_10153388516208923_3510460020825899267_n 10353623_10153382882728923_4809743591287986035_n10570425_812172428836637_1772238472843605727_nWe began our Hawaiian adventure with some R&R! SeneGence reserved all of the cabanas at Lagoon Beach, and everyone had a great time lounging, swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding and surfing in the turquoise water. It was absolute paradise, as everyone chose activities they wanted to do, even if it was simply taking a nap in their cabana, listening to crashing waves. Some explorers even saw some sea turtles and fish!






The next day we laced up our golf shoes and played a round on the pristine Hilton golf course. What a gorgeous and perfect day it was. The “SeneMen” really enjoyed it too!



That evening, SeneStars were invited to attend the wedding of Lisa and Kerry on the beach, followed by a real Hawaiian Luau! After the heartwarming beach ceremony, we all enjoyed authentic Hawaiian fare and fabulous entertainment, as we watched talented Hula dancers and fire performers. My blessings and congratulations to Lisa and her husband Kerry!





Another highlight of the trip was night snorkeling with manta rays. What an amazing life experience! These fantastic creatures have a wing span larger than our arm span, and they glide gently through the water as if they were flying. The boat sunset boat ride to and fro was an added plus!




The next morning, Ultimate Royals Sheila Young, Jeri Taylor-Swade, Cathy Hoolihan, Lisa Tippen Morris, Leta Greene, and Dawn Christian were treated to a shopping spree and lunch with me. We had a fantastic time bonding and picking up some great souvenirs for ourselves and loved ones back at home.


The SeneStar Trip to Hawaii really was amazing. Everyone had a great time not only enjoying this beautiful and unique island, but making wonderful SeneGence memories together, discussing the day’s activities during group dinners and evening entertainments each night.



I know that each and every SeneGence Distributor can earn the SeneStar trip if they make it a goal to be there! SeneStar 2016 will take place in beautiful Vancouver, BC! If you are a Distributor, take advantage of the rewards that SeneGence offers you for your hard work (if you aren’t a Distributor yet, join us today and begin working towards your vacation), and start planning to join me for SeneStar next year. Surprise your partner, your family, or a friend with a luxurious vacation of a lifetime; but most importantly, earn this trip for yourself. I know you can do it!

This is the key:

Choose to live life in love and abundance…then work for it!

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