5 Reasons Why You Should Join SeneGence Free This Month

You may have heard that this September, SeneGence is welcoming New Distributors at no cost. That’s right- zero, zilch, nothing from you required to sign up as a Distributor and become the owner of your own business! I can’t express in words how big of an opportunity this is. The chance to run your own business and represent products that really work, products that change the way you look and feel about yourself, that even have the potential to change the way you live your life- all for free! Not to mention being supported by SeneGence in all that you do for your business, every step of the way, and benefiting from one of the most generous compensation plans in the direct sales industry…it’s an opportunity that you can’t miss!

free sign up sept

Everyone at SeneGence Corporate has been working extremely hard all year to be able to bring this incredible opportunity to you. Believe me, the free sign-up opportunity is not something that we decide lightly upon- it takes months of planning and preparation in order to make it possible. We are so glad that we can extend this wonderful offer to anyone who would like to take advantage of it!

Here are but a few reasons to join:

  1. Our Career really works. It does, and we have thousands of Distributors who can testify to such every single day. With our compensation plan, there is no glass ceiling- in other words, there is no limitation placed on you to how much you can earn. The sky is the limit.
  2. Our products are unmatched. Our SenseCosmetics and SeneDerm SkinCare products are made with the finest quality natural ingredients, blended with the most advanced color and anti-aging technology available today. They work exactly how we say they do, and we guarantee it 100%, or your money back. When you become a Distributor, you will be able to order all products at a significant 20-55% discount.
  3. Our company culture is unlike any other. Here at SeneGence, we pride ourselves in having a culture, both at the corporate office and in our Distributor communities, that is uplifting, caring, and nurturing. We are not interested in competition, we simply want to see each other succeed and achieve goals. You will become part of this wonderful culture, and be supported in business when you join us.
  4. We are devoted to progress. SeneGence is constantly innovating and discovering new skincare and cosmetic technologies and ingredients to ensure our products remain ten steps ahead of anything else you will find in the market. With an in-house chemist and laboratory, the corporate team and myself are able to work closely with our chemist to create new products.
  5. SeneGence is experiencing tremendous growth. In our Distributor force, international expansion, product line, and more, we are growing every single day. It would be my pleasure to welcome you to join us on this fabulous ride to the top!

If you, or someone you know, would like to become a part of SeneGence and experience these and so many more benefits and positive aspects of our great career, please tell them about the free sign-up opportunity. It is available from September 1st-30th, and is a $50 value (but is really priceless, because who else can say they purchased a business for just $50??). Even if they only want to join to get a significant discount on their products, it’s an opportunity impossible to pass up! And, once they experience the products and see how much positive attention they are receiving when wearing and using them, they will realize how easy it is to turn into a lucrative business.

I am so looking forward to seeing all of my Royal in Waiting and above leaders next month for Leaders Conference 2014 in Dallas, Texas. If you have not registered yet, do it today! This event is vital if you are serious about becoming a successful Leader and growing your business, which leads to achieving your goals!

Until next time my Lovelies, choose to live life in love and abundance…then work for it!

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