International SeneSuccess!


Hello my Lovelies! So much has happened since my last post, and I’m excited to fill you in on all of it! Last month, Ben and I set out on a “SeneTour,” visiting two of our partner countries, Australia and Indonesia, and training and supporting at their annual Seminars, spending time with the country leaders and Distributors. I was so deeply impressed by the growing sales force in each country, and am confident that these brilliant and motivated Distributors will continue to lead SeneGence on an international level and help others to discover this wonderful career and our products that really work!

SeneGence Australia held their Seminar, “Here We Grow” in Queensland. It was a pleasure to meet many new faces and reconnect with others. Here I am, with several of the lovely attendees.


It was also exciting to recognize those Distributors who, through goal setting and following through by working their plans, reached their goals and got on-stage, where they received beautiful jewelry and Royal sashes. Here I am with new Royal, Rhonda Renkert.

rhonda renkert And, along with all of the new products that were launched in Australia, (the wonderful SeneDerm Detoxifying Mask, MakeSense CC Tinted Moisturizer, new Fooops Remover and more!) I was present for the launch of the SeneCar ManaGence program in Australia! This is so exciting, as AU Distributors now have the opportunity to work towards a beautiful, brand new SeneBlue Audi! Here are the Distributors with the gorgeous car, many of which I KNOW will be driving it down the road very soon.


After a successful week in Australia, Ben and I were off to Indonesia to join their annual Seminar, held in the capital city, Jakarta. Once again we enjoyed being surrounded by brilliant, motivated and incredibly hospitable men and women who are fulfilling their goals and dreams through SeneGence. Here we are at a gorgeous dinner to honor the top Distributors.


It was exciting to honor and crown the very first members of the SeneGence Indonesia Royal Court. It fills my heart with so much pride and immense joy to see SeneGence touching lives all over the world, as people create and build their own success as business owners.


I truly believe that we have the most talented, intelligent, and savvy Distributors in the Direct Sales industry, and am so proud to be working alongside to share SeneGence with the world.

Until next time my Lovelies, continue to have a successful and fruitful month. Don’t lose sight of your goals that you set for yourselves at the beginning of the Seminar year. Now, I am enjoying the beauty of Puerto Rico with the SeneStar Trip qualifiers, be on the look-out for a blog post about our trip soon!

ALWAYS, choose to live life in love and abundance…then work for it!

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