On the Air!

Recently, I had the opportunity and pleasure to be a guest on The Voice of America, which is the leader in Internet media. The show host, Deanne DeMarco asked me to come on her show about “Today’s Most Inspiring Women.” Here I am being interviewed by Deanne.


 It was an honor to be invited to join her on the air. I discussed the history of how SeneGence came to be, my goals and dreams of helping other women, and the future of the company, among many other topics.  I loved revisiting the memories and stories of when SeneGence was first getting started, it gave me even more appreciation of how much the company has grown and for the people who have helped my dream be realized.  

You can click here to listen to my interview.

This month, I am traveling with my 3 men (husband Ben, and sons Alan and William) in Europe, meeting with country partners and discussing the possibility of growing SeneGence into new countries, and I will get to train with Polish and Swiss Distributors! I will also join the LIPS Trip qualifiers in Switzerland for an amazing vacation full of adventure, relaxation, and indulgence. Did you know that SeneGence Distributors have the opportunity to win an incredible international vacation annually? LIPS Trip 2014 will be in Australia! Begin working today towards joining us “Down Under” by focusing your business on this goal, or if you are not a SeneGence Distributor, join us this month for FREE and set your sights on this reward. www.senegence.com

Till next time my Lovelies, choose to live life in love and abundance…then work for it! Look out for more blog posts coming from my European travels!

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