SeneGence is in the Family!

This past weekend, I visited my mom and dad, who live in Arizona. I always love visiting my parents, and am constantly inspired by how hardworking and business-minded they remain to this day! My mom, Joann, is a successful businesswoman, who has managed to sell over $80,000 for many years from her little LipSense cubby!

ImageHere is my mom with her small LipSense corner cubby, which she keeps beautifully organized. My dad, of course, manages the inventory to-a-tee.  “You can’t sell from an empty wagon!” he reminded me many times in my early years.



It was fantastic spending some quality time with family. My parents were, and still are, a great business inspiration to me. They taught me about work ethic, striving to reach your goals and dreams, and putting forth all of the effort you can give each and every day.  At SeneGence, we work hard to supply all you need to help you reach your goals and dreams, whether personal, business, family, etc. Within our career opportunity, you can fulfill your dreams of travel by earning the SeneStar or L.I.P.S.Trip, both annual trips with exciting international and national destinations. You can fulfill your dream of being financially stable with our unmatched Compensation Plan, one of the most generous and lucrative in the Direct Selling industry. You can fulfill your dream of spending more time with your children or grandchildren, as you work your successful SeneGence business from home, on a schedule you tailor for yourself.

When you love what you do, and you experience the benefits of success within your daily life, suddenly work doesn’t feel like work anymore; it becomes a vehicle to drive you to a life filled with abundance.  So remember, you must first CHOOSE to live a life of abundance, then set your goals, and work for it!

I’m looking forward to seeing my SeneGence Leaders this weekend in Palm Springs, CA for Leaders Conference 2013. Until next time, my lovelies!

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