Success Downunder!

Last week, Ben and I traveled to Australia, where we met with a variety of business-building individuals who are going to help ‘pump up the volume’ in the gorgeous AU!  We stayed in a stunning hotel that was converted from a 100 year-old wharf building. The views of the Sydney Skyline were breathtaking.


And then, there was our daily water taxi ride to and from our hotel. What a fun way to travel!


While there, I had the pleasure of working closely with Australian Distributor, Royal Rhonda Renkert. We worked a booth together at a beauty expo, sharing SeneGence products with hundreds of interested women. As usual, the SeneGence booth was absolutely mobbed with ladies wanting to see the long-lasting properties of LipSense and SenseCosmetics. We had 18 newbies sign up as Distributors in just the first day alone!


We applied LipSense directly to their hands, with their permission, and they were able to see themselves how it absolutely does not rub or budge off. You can see the amazement on their faces! 🙂


The moisturizing LipSense Glosses with Shea Butter were also big WOW products, as always, when ladies felt just how smooth and replenished their lips were with just a few glides of the rich formula.


The Aussie trip was very successful, as we were able to share SeneGence products and a career that really work with many people. In total, we had 27 women sign up with SeneGence as new Distributors! It was a pleasure to meet them and welcome them into the SeneGence family personally.

Do you live or do you know someone who lives in one of the countries where SeneGence is present? SeneGence Distributors are now active selling our anti-aging and long-lasting cosmetics and skin care in 9 countries/regions, including: The United States, Australia, Canada, The U.K., Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Brazil, and Indonesia. And we are ever expanding! Join us on this incredible adventure. Become a part of this internationally successful company today, and know that not only will you be a part of this booming  worldwide success, but you will also be welcomed into a family-like company culture, where we do all we can to lift each other up with success. Until next time, my Lovelies, choose to live life in love and abundance…then work for it!

2 thoughts on “Success Downunder!

  1. Hello, I was just introducted to SeneGence. I have a question? Does the SeneGence Surum C contain a sun screen? I see that it protects from further sun damage. I just don’t want to have to apply a sunscreen every day in addition to my other skin care products. Thank you so much, Lee

    1. Hi Lee, SeneGence products do not contain SPF but combining our skin care and make up means that our products will protect you from the Sun 🙂

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