Summertime Family Fun

Hello my Lovelies! Summertime is in full swing, and what better way to spend the summer than creating new family memories and enjoying family traditions? Last weekend, my family and I enjoyed a wonderful lunch outside in the backyard together on The Fourth of July. We are thankful that we live in a country where we enjoy freedom and liberty. Here, left to right is myself, my sister Millie, Alan’s friend from Alaska, Alan, my brother-in-law Jim, and William (My hubby Ben was taking the picture).

ImageAfter a wholesome lunch and time bonding over the table, there was some fun in the sun to be had-and it was a gorgeous day here in Southern California! Here are William and Daddy enjoying the cool and refreshing pool.

ImageThe holiday weekend was also a productive one. I spent a good part of one afternoon hand-signing Distributor Birthday cards. As you can see below, everyone wanted to help! Some of you may be receiving a birthday card signed by William as well…

ImageThe holiday was wonderful time spent with family and friends. Independence Day always reminds me how proud I am that SeneGence SenseCosmetics and SeneDerm SkinCare are made in America. You can feel great using our products which are produced right here in California.

After the long weekend, it felt great to get back to the office on Monday to begin preparing for our bi-annual training event, PIT (Princess in Training) Stop, coming up this weekend! It’s going to be a fabulous training packed full of marketing and social media training, business-building tools, and as always, surprises. Attnedees will also have the chance to film and receive a professionally produced video of themselves to use for their own marketing. Maidens and above who did not take advantage of registering for this event this time should make it a priority in the future.

As I was working this past Monday, William made a surprise visit. He and Daddy decided to go and work (play) in our onsite SeneGence Lab.  Look at my little SeneScientist in the making!

ImageI’m looking forward to seeing the attendees of PIT Stop Marketing and Media Mavens this week. Continue to grow and build your business into the summer months and be sure to take advantage of quality time with family. Until next time, remember to live life in love and abundance, then work for it!

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