Reflections on a Fantastic Seminar Year!

Dear Distributors,

In Seminar Year 2012-13 we at SeneGence had many balls to balance in the air. In past years, we were able to concentrate on certain segments of our business; be it new products, completion of marketing programs, and of course international expansion. Last year though was a year of expansion and growth across the board caused by both the SeneGence Sales Force and Corporate Support. Here is a recap of our collaborative progress of this past Seminar Year.

US Product Sales and Sponsoring – Increased 156% and 150% over year ago

International – SeneGence products can now be found on every continent in the World, except Antarctica with increased sales in excess of over 300% and growing.

New Products – over 40! new products were launched last year including 14 new shades of LipSense, and an improvement of formulation and color selection of the ShadowSense line.

New Marketing Tools and Programs – We created and launched a variety of programs and PR items:

  • Social Media: we increased our visibility and results through our presence, in blogs, on Face Book, on Twitter, and on You tube.
  • Second TV Commercial: we produced and aired our second national SeneGence TV spot and have so far in 2013 aired it in a dozen TV markets across the US, literally hundreds of times. It is of course also viewable for your use on YouTube and other social networks with over 1,500 hits in the first month.
  • Public Presence: we concentrated on more publicity:
  1. Martha Stewart: SeneGence products were featured at length on a major broadcast network television show; the Martha Stewart Show.
  2. Oscars: We received featured status at the Academy Awards in Hollywood, presenting a booth at the gifting suite to the stars and Oscar contenders.
  3. Print Media: SeneGence and SeneGence products were featured in national print publications – either in a featured article or as a celebrity endorsement in publications such as:
  • Ladies Home Journal
  • Household and Personal Products Industry.
  • Coast Magazine
  • OC Family Magazine
  • Global Cosmetics Industry, and
  • DSA News

Business Management and Sales ToolsNeedless to say we are in a state of continuous improvement:

Back Office Reports Suite: we launched a suite of reports in your back office, called the Downline Management Tool. These Reports are chocked full of very useful information for evaluating where you are, where you have been and, perhaps most importantly, for guiding you in directions to benefit your consistency and growth.

SeneSites – phase two (CRM): We have already added further functionality, after launch, to the new SeneSites. But we have more planned for the 2013-2014 Seminar year.

Distributor Support and Business Achievements – SeneGence has fun creating programs that help SeneGence Distributors excel and achieve. Here are a few:

ImageSeneGence awarded $175,112.00 in Free Earnings in the form of SeneBucks to Distributors throughout last Seminar Year.

Image is your Back Office Distributor “savings account.” 20% of our SeneGence Distributors earned Commission Checks (20%/80% Rule applies here)

72%  of those receiving commission checks used the 100% SeneCash option to purchase additional products or save income.

10%  of Distributors used CDO (Customer Direct Order) which means there’s a 90%  Improvement opportunity here to Increases Sales!

84% of those used the 100% SeneCash option to purchase additional products or save income.

 Imagehelps Distributors build their businesses quickly and earn additional income and products to sell within their first 90 days of joining. SeneGence awarded $148,000.00 worth of Fast Start Products to Distributors last Seminar year. 15% 0f New Active Distributors became Fast Start Achievers, leaving a whopping 85% for improvement!

  • There were 187 30 Day Achievers which means they are the top 14% of New Active Distributors
  • There were 113 60 Day Achievers which means they are the top 8% of New Active Distributors
  • There were 70 90 Day Achievers which means they are the top 5% of New Active Distributors

ImageSeneSential Training Packages Distributor Statisticsour statistics currently show that even the newest of Distributors who participate in the Distributor training programs excel in their business and earn a healthy part-time earning of around $15,000.00 from annual participation (and it grows from there) in the program an average minimum of:

  • Potential Sales Income: $8,000.00 versus $950 for those who do not.
  • Potential Commission Income (10% first line estimate): $7,220.00 versus $654 for those who do not.

 ImageSeneService Distributor Statistics – our statistics currently show those Distributors who participate in the free monthly customer e-newsletter over the course of the Seminar Year could likely earn another $5,500.00 from participation in the program an average minimum of:


  • On Line Potential Sales Income: $2,625.00 versus $712.00 for those who do not.
  • Potential Commission Income (10% first line estimate): $2,957.00 versus $121.00 for those who do not.

Does Not Include Social Media Sales

SeneService & SeneSential Combined – Those Distributors who participate in both the SeneService Customer Support and SeneSential Training Distributor Programs over the course of the Seminar Year could likely earn an estimated minimum of $20,000.00 annually merely from participation in both programs. The more mature participant annual income becomes potentially substantially increased year after year and earns an average of 350% more than those who do not participate in either program.

ImageSeneGence rewards consistent performance. 27 Distributors were awarded $23,166.00 in free products or $858.00 each to those Distributors who, each month of the previous (and current) Seminar year placed at least a minimum of 750 PV. That number of on-target Significant SeneSellers has now grown to well over 100.


Image is the weekly Distributor Demo Contest. This past Seminar Year there were 494 entries with 34 Distributor Winners
plus Customer and Hostess winners who received gifts totaling $11,246.00. Anyone can win!

State Leaders and Founders – We anticipate naming new State Leaders and Founders during the upcoming Leaders Conference to be held in Palm Springs, California in mid October. SeneGence is in need of State Leaders & State Founders in the following

  • Alabama    
  • Alaska          
  • Arkansas      
  • Colorado    
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware    
  • Georgia       
  • Hawaii          
  • Idaho           
  • Indiana        
  • Iowa 
  • Kansas          
  • Kentucky     
  • Maine           
  • Maryland    
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan     
  • Minnesota   
  • Mississippi     
  • Missouri        
  • Montana     
  • Nebraska     
  • New Hampshire
  • New Mexico
  • New York     
  • North Carolina
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio  
  • Oregon        
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Vermont      
  • Virginia         
  • West Virginia
  • Wisconsin     
  • Wyoming     
  • Toronto        
  • Puerto Rico


Year End Distributor Achievements


Those Distributors who met the qualifications of becoming a Certified SeneGence Make Up Artist and those Distributors who have qualified to teach SeneBlends Make Up Artistry at SeneGence events:

  • Jeri Taylor-Swade
  • Kitty Wiemelt
  • Renee Stewart
  • Lead Make Up Artist Kelly Robertson

Here’s How to earn:

Step#1 – Attend January PIT Stop (Princess in Training)

Step#2 – 10,000 PV in Seminar Year

Step#3 – Complete SeneBlends Certification Sheet & Fax into Office


SponsorshipThose Distributors who met the fourth quarter challenge of sponsoring at least ten qualifying new Distributors:

  • Crown Princess Lisa Johnson
  • Crown Princess Renee Stewart
  • Princess Dawn Christian
  • Lady Leta Greene
  • Royal-In-Waiting Stacy Mitchell

We look forward to supporting you in another fun filled year of growth and prosperity within your SeneGence Businesses. Remember the key…..

Choose to live life in love and abundance…and then work for it.



Love for Oklahoma


Our hearts, love, and prayers are sent to the families and friends who have lost so much in the tragic Oklahoma tornadoes.  Our efforts will be spent contributing to this beloved region of the United States, where many of our Independent Distributors are growing and prospering in their businesses.

Being an Oklahoma girl myself, I know how strong, loving, and resilient our folks are. The SeneGence family of Distributors and staff is committed to be a part of the healing process and will provide support in many ways in days to come.



Work and Play in L.A.

Hello Lovelies! Last week, Ben and I had a packed schedule full of meetings in Los Angeles, so we decided that instead of fighting the traffic to attend all of them separately, we would stay in L.A. for a few days. Our hotel was beautiful, and the lobby was decorated with dramatic vases filled with my favorite flowers…orchids!


ImageWhile in L.A., we were able to visit our “son” Daniel’s new restaurant, TLT, named after his successful gourmet food truck, The Lime Truck. We’ve had the pleasure of enjoying the Lime Truck’s culinary creations at a number of SeneGence events, and his new restaurant did not disappoint, the food was delicious! Daniel has been a good friend of my oldest son, Alan, for a long time; it’s so great to be able to see him grow into a young man achieving his goals and dreams 🙂

ImageWhile at one of the many meetings I attended, I sponsored a New Distributor! She actually came to me and started asking questions about our Career Opportunity and products. It just goes to show you, you should not prejudge anyone when it comes to sharing the SeneGence opportunity. Leave it up to them to decide whether or not they would like to join you in this wonderful business. When they hear about our unique compensation plan and generous Distributor discount, chances are they’ll want to join.  Keep an open mind and heart, and share this path to success with everyone you come across. And remember, continue to live life in love and abundance…then work for it!