A Restful Family Weekend

This past weekend, I slowed down a little to spend some quality time with my family. William (age 5), went to work with Ben for a little while. I was so proud when William brought this home to show me…he completed his first ever Weekly Summary Sheet!

ImageOnce home, we all undertook a big art project.  William wanted to make a Mario flag to replace the skull pirate flag atop his bed (his room has a nautical theme). Dad drew the images of the characters, we all painted them, I cut them out, Ben and William glued them to material, and alas a new flag was born!

ImageHere is my little guy focusing on his coloring. I love how much joy wholesome and creative projects like this bring to him.

ImageThe weekend once again offered a chance for me to cherish the time I have with my family and stop to appreciate the many things I love about my boys. It reminded me to take the time to pause and reflect on the positive things in life, like family, personal accomplishments, and goals met. If you attended Seminar earlier this month, you heard me speak about this during “Jelly Joys”. I want to remind you Seminar attendees to share your Jelly Joy story with us on our Facebook page. Share what you were thinking when you took a moment to crack open your jelly and reward yourself. I will share in your joy by posting 10 $eneBucks to your back office. With all of the hectic happenings in our lives, it’s important to take time to smell the roses…and to share them with your SeneSisters! 

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