Valentine’s and Mommy Weekend

This past weekend was spent with my true loves: my husband Ben and my boys, Alan and William! On Valentine’s Day, I spent time with William at his class party. We had a great time together exchanging Valentines, enjoying treats, and having fun with all of his classmates. You can be sure that my LipSense long-lasting lip color stayed put, even through all of the Valentine’s kisses I gave to my sweet little guy!

ImageFun with mommy continued at home! After William’s class party, we played and colored together in his bedroom, before I left for my Valentine’s date night with Ben 🙂

ImageThe fun weekend went on when William’s friends from next door came over for a play date. They enjoyed spending time together and eating a delicious and nutritious lunch: sandwiches, guacamole, and grapes:



My weekend was well spent with my loved ones and friends. As busy and ambitious as I am with growing SeneGence, it can be easy to forget to smell the Valentine’s roses. Being a working woman AND a mommy AND a wife can be tough! That’s why the SeneGence Career Opportunity is so amazing; you can wear all hats, comfortably! By being able to schedule your own hours and grow your business at the rate you want, as big as you want, you can have time for the important people in your lives, your hobbies, even another career. The Valentine’s holiday reminds us to celebrate the love in our lives. A SeneGence career can give you the time and means to do this each and every day. If someone you know would appreciate this opportunity, be sure to tell them to contact SeneGence or an Independent Distributor today. Until next time my lovelies, be sure to live life in love and abundance…then work for it!

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