A Tribute to Max

ImageIt is with a heavy heart I post this picture of the last  “Kisses!” (Maxy used to say throughout the day when she wanted someone to come over and cuddle with her) between a very beloved Macaw and devoted caretaker who passed away in my arms only seconds after Alan snapped this picture. Maxy looked the picture of health until Friday; Ben awoke on Saturday to take highly unusually lethargic Maxy to the Vet Hospital while I was at an appointment with William. Once returned home, surprised at the news I called the Vet who told me to come quickly to say goodbye.  Alan and I rushed to Maxy’s side who was waiting for both of us to say goodbye. An autopsy conducted the same day revealed an undetectable condition of liver and heart disease.  She was a delight to care for until the very last day; she blessed our home with her presence and was our most beloved family companion for 16 years. Maxy will be sorely missed.

6 thoughts on “A Tribute to Max

  1. Sorry to hear about Maxy. I know she has been around for such a long time and truly did become a member of the family. So sorry for your loss Joni. Glad that you got to say goodbye. There is some sense of peace in that I think. love Deb

  2. It is so sad to lose a bird. They have such a uniqueness about them only fellow bird owners/lovers know. They have a bond like no other. I am so sorry for your loss and dread the day I lose my Hahns MaCaw and Lilac Crowned Amazon.

  3. So sorry about Maxy, Joni . I’m just now reading this and know that you will miss her incredibly but always remember the wonderous joys that you enjoyed as well as the memories that you will now have to cherish. In time you’ll have some “jelly” moments to pop up as a warm reminder of Maxy floats across your mind. RIP to you dear Maxy Girl Regards ,Mary Lou Hunter

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