PIT Stop Success!

Hi everyone, this past weekend was a very busy one! With PIT Stop Glam It Up training at our corporate office in Irvine and with Ben and I preparing to go on the LIPS Trip to Indonesia, I didn’t have any idle time, that’s for sure! PIT Stop was a huge success; our many attendees and trainers made this event fun, fabulous, and educational. Everything from product knowledge on our long-lasting cosmetics and anti-aging skincare to specific application techniques was taught by our wonderful trainers. Although I was only able to stay for one day because I was preparing to travel, I am hearing very positive things about the event from our Distributor attendees. Everyone was on the edge of their seats, not wanting to miss out on any of the valuable information and knowledge on SenseCosmetics application from the experts. I know that I had a fabulous time catching up and visiting with my friends. Here we are goofing around 🙂

ImageThank you to everyone who attended and put together PIT Stop, you all helped make the event one of the best yet! If you don’t already attend our events, ask anyone who has. They’ll tell you that attending events increases their multi-level marketing and beauty business success because it gives them the expert tools and knowledge to do so. We are proud to offer a work-from-home career opportunity to people regardless of their age, background, or education, but anyone who’s serious about their business is always looking to improve, learn, and build. The next big opportunity to do this is at Seminar Elevate in April. Attending Seminar will be the number one thing you do this year for the success of your business. I expect to see you all there, both new and familiar faces! I love that this PIT Stop had a great mixture of seasoned and new Distributors. These ladies are ALL going to be Leaders!

ImageNow I’m in Indonesia for the LIPS Trip, which is our annual incentive trip earned by top Field Leaders for their sponsoring efforts. I’m so excited to spend time in Bali with my SeneGence Indonesia family and some of my top Distributors. It’s going to be an incredible time with even more incredible people surrounding me. I am so happy to have Ben and our son, William, with me for this trip. Here is William attempting to stay entertained as he waited to board his first international flight at the airport

ImageAs a SeneGence Distributor, you can work towards coming with us to exotic places like Indonesia, and attending unforgettable events such as PIT Stop. Don’t forget that January offers FREE Distributor sign-ups. Tell everyone you know about this incredible opportunity to save money on signing up and work towards an exciting and rewarding career. Your sponsoring numbers could double or triple with this exciting promotion; don’t fail to take advantage of it, as there are less than two weeks left in January! Choose to live life in love and abundance…then work for it!


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