A New Year, A New You!

Hello my lovelies! Last week my two boys, Ben and I traveled to Las Vegas with Dicky, Irene and Dyrensia to show our guests the wonder and excitement of glittering “sin city.” Here I am with Alan and William as we intently watch a brilliant Cirque Du Soleil performance.

ImageWe all rang in the New Year in Big Bear, CA, which was a gorgeous winter wonderland!

ImageWe enjoyed fun in the winter sun and skiing all day. Of course, my SenseCosmetics weathered the elements! My makeup stayed perfect through our activities, and my skin was moisturized despite the cold, dry air.

Image New Year’s  was warm, festive, and centered around good family and friends. The New Year is the perfect time to think about ways to improve your quality of life and achieving your goals. SeneGence and I want to help you reach your dreams this year, and that’s why we are saying “Happy New Year!” with free new Distributor sign-ups! It’s usually $50 to join, and now this opportunity comes at no cost to you! Whether it’s improving your quality of life, your financial freedom, career goals, or relationships with your loved ones, a SeneGence Career is the perfect vehicle that will drive you to success. We offer a real direct sales and network marketing career opportunity that you can use to thrive financially and professionally while working from home. And the best part is that it works, it really does. No schemes, no loopholes, no tricks. Our career, just like our products, works! If you or someone you know is searching for an opportunity like this to begin the New Year with success, share the SeneGence opportunity with them, and let them know that it’s free to join this month. Now is the time to choose to live life in love and abundance…then work for it!

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