Holiday Merriment and Goodwill

Hello, I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and happy New Year, and were able to share the warmth of the holiday with your loved ones! Last week, Ben and I went to see William’s school Christmas play. William played the part of a shepherd, and it was too adorable. Here he is with our curly haired dog, Looper, who looks like he could be a part of William’s herd. A boy and his sheep?


The next day, Ben, William, our visiting friends from LipSense Indonesia (Dicky, Irene, and their daughter Dyrensia), members of the SeneGence Team and their children, and I went to donate toys and time to the Eli’s Home charity event. Eli’s Home is an organization here in OrangeCounty that gives much needed aid to underprivileged women and children. SeneGence, our generous Distributors and Employees were able to donate hundreds of toys to this deserving cause this holiday season. Here are William and Dyrensia in front of just some of the toys we donated.

ImageAfter the gifting joy we helped children decorate Christmas cookies. Here is the SeneGenceCrew, all smiles! L to R: VP of Marketing Kirsten Aguilar with her father and two children Max and Finley, Ben, William and I, Dicky, Irene and Dyrensia, and International Marketing Manager Victoria Knott with her son, Evan.

ImageWilliam and Dyrensia along with some of our Marketing Team members’ children had a blast with the children invited from Eli’s Home, frosting and decorating cookies with sprinkles and Christmas candy.


The kids were tuckered out after 2 hours of gifting and cookie decorating 🙂


It was wonderful to be able to give back in such a big way, and I hope SeneGence was able to make Christmas more joyful for many children this year. It’s also so lovely to see our kids happy to give back. I believe that if you start teaching the lessons of generosity and goodwill at a young age, children will grow into beautiful, caring young adults.

The next day, our family and our Indonesian SeneGence family went to “The Chill” in Long Beach, which is an amazing winter venue created by the Queen Mary and includes outdoor snow tubing, ice skating, and a holiday village. It was spectacular! And the kids were absolutely ecstatic about all the ice activities.

ImageI, along with my SeneGence Team, am now looking forward to 2013. The New Year is a time to contemplate improvement and goal setting. And during the entire month of January, SeneGence and I want to say “Happy New Year!” with free new Distributor sign-ups! It’s usually $50 to join, and now this opportunity comes at no cost to you! Whether it’s improving your quality of life, your financial freedom, career goals, or relationships with your loved ones, a SeneGence Career is the perfect vehicle that will drive you to success. As always, choose to live life in love and abundance…then work for it!

2 thoughts on “Holiday Merriment and Goodwill

  1. Wonderful to hear about the holiday happenings, and all the good you are sharing. William is adorable and so big!! Thanks for sharing. Cheers to much good in 2013!

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